‘Game of Thrones’: Sophie Turner Speaks Out Against Unfair Beauty Expectations

Sophie Turner is a woman on fire. At just 23 years old, she’s accomplished more this year than many people accomplish in a decade. A few weeks back, she emerged victorious on the series finale of HBO’s most-watched series, Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark, queen of the North.

She also recently eloped to Vegas with her now-husband, Joe Jonas, a member of the worldwide phenomenon, the Jonas Brothers, and is currently planning a second wedding in France. To top it all off, the actress is headlining her first blockbuster film, Dark Phoneix, as the legendary Jean Grey. But, there’s a price to being one of the most coveted actresses in Hollywood. Turner recently opened up about some of the struggles that come with being in the business.

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner | Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images


One of the constant struggles of A-List actors is dealing with the everyday nuisance that is the paparazzi. As Turner is from the UK, where the paparazzi are a little more scare and less invasive, they can really take some getting used to.

Turner has been in the limelight for several years now, but these days she is receiving even more publicity due to her high-profile projects and marriage to another A list celebrity. However, Turner seems to be taking the attention in stride and has gotten used to the fact that on any given day, she might be photographed. In a recent interview, she sportingly confessed, “I’ve learned to accept the fact that if it’s my worst-dressed day, they’ll probably catch me, and I’m okay with that” she told Net-a-Porter.

Great expectations

Though the actress has made her peace with the paparazzi, there are still parts of the industry that she struggles to cope with. She admits that she finds it difficult to understand why there is a need for actresses to be seen as beautiful at all times. “There’s this expectation for actresses to look good all the time, which is not what being an actress should be. It should be about playing a role. So why should all actresses have to be stick-thin and look beautiful all the time?” the 23-year-old questions.

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Turner certainly raises an excellent point. Certainly, there is far more diversity in body types and facial features amongst actors then there are with actresses. And this issue is not one that is exclusive to the media. The Dark Phoenix star admits that this is something she experiences on set also.


The queen of the North admits that she struggles when directors are hell-bent on making actresses beautiful and lovable at all costs, even when it doesn’t serve the overarching narrative of the film. “Every director is like: ‘We really have to fall in love with this character.’ Why does the audience have to fall in love with her? What if she’s a serial killer? F*ck that sh*t.” the actress exclaims.

We 100% agree with Turner’s gripes. We can only hope that as more women make movies, the toxic beauty ideals will start becoming less and less pervasive in the film and TV industry.