‘Game of Thrones’: 6 Battles We Can’t Wait to See

It’s hard to believe, but we’re deep into the second half of Game of Thrones and rapidly approaching the conclusion of the entire story. With so many scores to settle, it’s going to be one crazy ride as we see all the conflicts built up from Season 1 explode in epic fashion. Even this season we’re seeing some of those deep-seeded, long-running stories erupt into powerful and satisfying conclusions. Here are six showdowns we can’t wait to see in Game of Thrones‘ near future.

1. Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton, Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton | Source: HBO

The ultimate showdown. Nothing comes close. There’s never been a more hated character in Game of Thrones than Ramsay Bolton, and this season we’re set for Jon Snow’s army to clash with Ramsay’s in what figures to be Season 6’s climax. So will Jon actually lock swords with Ramsay? Given Game of Thrones‘ tenuous history with giving audiences what they want (at least in the most obvious ways), it wouldn’t be surprising to see something other than a direct confrontation play out if and when Ramsay falls. And he better fall. Hard.

2. The Sparrows vs. Cersei Lannister

Kings Landing - Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer, Game of Thrones battles

The Sparrows vs. the King | Source: HBO

The Sparrows managed to make oft hated Cersei Lannister a sympathetic character, which should tell you exactly how much viewers are ready to see the religious zealots go down in battle. Not only that, a battle between The Sparrows and Cersei also means we get to see The Mountain fully unleashed in all his zombified glory. Will we even see him without his helmet? However it unfolds, we’ve had quite the slow burn to fully appreciate what’s in store later this season.

3. Tyrion Lannister vs. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen | Source: HBO

Daenerys Targaryen is on her way back to Meereen with a horde of Dothraki soldiers, and she probably won’t be too happy about some of Tyrion Lannister’s decisions as the leader of the city. Not only did Tyrion strike a deal with the Sons of Harpy despite Daenerys’ stance of no negotiation, he also freed her two dragons Rhaegal and Viserion from their chains without permission. That being said, their inevitable confrontation might also start to make certain theories about Tyrion’s parentage that much more clear. And at the worst, we’ll finally have two of the show’s best characters interacting again rather than separated from one another.

4. The Whiter Walkers vs. Everyone South of The Wall

The Night King, Game of Thrones

The Night King | Source: HBO

It’s now been six and a half seasons that the White Walkers have been lumbering around north of The Wall. While we recently discovered that some of that has been due to the Night King’s pursuit of Bran Stark, it might finally be time for the White Walkers to travel south — after all, the showrunners have indicated that Game of Thrones might conclude after seven seasons, though it’s highly unlikely at this point. However, the most logical end-point for the White Walkers this season is probably at The Wall itself leaving their journey toward the rest of Westeros as the cliffhanger for the seventh season. But with legends of The Wall being built with magic to keep the White Walkers north, will we witness a scene of The Wall’s destruction? It would certainly be an epic way for the season to end and would finally make everyone pay attention to the evil that actually matters.

5. Lady Stoneheart vs. Walder Frey

The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones

The Red Wedding | Source: HBO

Various reports have indicated that Walder Frey is set to return this season. This makes sense because the plot of Game of Thrones is moving directly toward Riverrun where Walder Frey rules over the Twins. So if there was a ever a time for the showrunners to finally bring Lady Stoneheart into the picture, this would be it. Fans have speculated since the Season 6 trailer that a certain scene within it — in which Littlefinger appears shaken by the appearance of a cloaked figure — might even be the scene in which she appears. So will Lady Stoneheart finally arrive? Chances are the answer is no if you believe most people involved with the show, but they were also the ones who told us Jon Snow was dead. And if Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that revenge doesn’t come easily.

6. The Hound vs. The Mountain

The Mountain, Game of Thrones

The Mountain | Source: HBO

The showdown is slightly more plausible than a possible Lady Stoneheart sighting. Readers of the books have noted that The Hound’s fate is ambiguous at best, with hints that he may have ended up in the Quiet Isle monastery, and when we last saw him in Game of Thrones he was still breathing having been left to die by Arya Stark. Production rumors aside, the return of The Hound simply makes sense from a storytelling point of view as we never saw the inevitable showdown built up between The Hound and The Mountain. Could a battle between brothers be a central aspect of the impending showdown between The Sparrows and the King? It certainly feels right.

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