‘General Hospital’: A Shocking, Rumored Dante Twist Would Make Him the Father of One of the Show’s Teens

A lot of General Hospital fans are happy now that Dominic Zamprogna has returned to the show as Dante Falconeri. While his return was revealed recently, viewers had no idea that he would be back so soon. A wild rumored spoiler for the show could shake things up for the show if it is actually true.

Dominic Zamprogna
Dominic Zamprogna | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Zamprogna’s return was released last week

Soap opera website Daytime Confidential was the first outlet to break the news of Zamprogna’s return to the show. The site reports, “In story, Dante has been suffering from PTSD off-screen following a WSB mission. Look for his return to complicate ex-wife Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) romance with Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson).” The report did not state if this is expected to be a short stay or if Zamprogna is back for the long haul.

However, as revealed in the show’s first new episode during the pandemic, Zamprogna had already been filming scenes and Dante was back already. It makes sense, as head writer Frank Valentini had teased a surprise that the show had up its sleeve. Per Soaps in Depth, he told ABC entertainment reporter George Pennacchio, “The very first seconds of the show will blow a lot of the audiences’ mind because there’s a big surprise that we inserted.”

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Sure enough, the episode featured a tease of Zamprogna as his character, located in a WSB facility. Although he is technically not in Port Charles yet, it seems like it’ll only be a matter of time before he is back in town and finds out that Lulu has moved on and is in a new romance.

Zamprogna tweets about returning to the show

In the first new episode, the official General Hospital Twitter account sent out a tweet welcoming the character of Dante back into the fold. Zamprogna quote retweeted this, saying, “Thank you!! So great to be back with my family!!”

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Fans responded to the actor with excitement. One viewer tweeted, “When you came on the screen yesterday I screamed! I didn’t expect that at all. I knew you said you wanted to return but I didn’t know you already filmed. I am so happy!”

Someone else said, “What a pleasant surprise! Literally screamed when you popped up! Welcome back, you were missed!!”

A rumored plotline makes him the father of Dev Cersi

An alleged spoiler of the show via SoapDirt claims that the show could head in the direction of Dante possibly being the father of Dev Cersi.

The characters already share a connection, as he was tasked by Dante’s father, Sonny Corinthos, to search for him in Turkey. Sonny later helped him assume a new identity has his distant cousin. Since then, he has been a major part of the teen group on the show with Josslyn Jacks, Trina Robinson, and Cameron Webber.

This rumor isn’t that far out of left field as it may seem. It was once rumored that Dev could be the son of Brenda Barrett. As SoapDirt speculates, Dev might even be the son of Brenda and Dante, or at the very least, Brenda’s son Alec. We should find out soon if this will actually be a storyline that the show will include in Dante’s return.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.