‘General Hospital’ Actor Eden McCoy Sends Love to Adorable Twins Who Play Avery

One of the rising stars of General Hospital is Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn Jacks. While she frequently works with adults on the show, she also works with the twins that play Avery and recently took an opportunity to praise them up and their acting ability. Read on to find out more.

Eden McCoy smiling in front of a white background
Eden McCoy | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Who is Eden McCoy?

McCoy is best known for playing Josslyn Jacks on General Hospital and joined in 2015. She played this role until 2018. Her first professional movie credit was in 2011 and Perfect Man. Since then, she’s been in independent films, Nickelodeon comedies, national advertisements, and print campaigns. In 2016, she was in The Kids from 62-F.

She was born on June 10, 2003, growing up in Manhattan Beach, California. While she wasn’t originally interested in acting, her parents eventually got her into the craft. She was shy as a child and, though her school was big on public speaking, she wasn’t interested. Her mom and dad decided differently, and she went to theater camp, leading her to become interested in acting. Various agencies watched a play that the camp staged, giving her first break at 8 years old. Of course, she had her parents’ approval to try and was told that she had to keep her grades up and keep playing sports.

Her acting career began with commercials, as many actors do. Her first professional job was through a Wells Fargo commercial and her first big commercial was the Valpak coupons commercial. This led to her guest starring on Disney and Nickelodeon. Eventually, she auditioned for General Hospital, nailing the tryout scene and read, winning her the role of Josslyn Jacks.

She found out that she got the role when her mom picked her up from school, and she felt like screaming and crying simultaneously. Her debut for General Hospital was Sonny and Carly’s wedding.

Who are the twins that play Avery?

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The twins are played by Ava and Grace Scarola and have held the role since they were infants. Now, they’re growing up to be beautiful adolescents. McCoy praised them, saying “Ava and Grace are so professional, amazing and lovely to be around…it’s really fun to watch them focus on set with Maura, Maurice and Laura, i’m just super proud to know them.” She’s not the only one. Most of the adults have had the same sentiments. Not only are they found to be adorable, but professional as well. It’s obvious they love working with their on-screen parents, especially their on-screen dad.

Fan and coworker reactions to Avery

Avery’s parents are Ava and Sonny and are part of a bitter custody battle over the girl. The twins that have portrayed Avery have done so since December 2014. Frequently, children cast on soap operas are twins so that they can take turns on the role — think the Olsen twins on Full House. These two little girls quickly won the heart of fans and co-stars. General Hospital will be important in helping the twins continue to grow within their role. Keep tuning in to General Hospital to see these two girls and see where life will take them on-screen. Off-screen, let’s hope that they remember their roots on General Hospital.