‘General Hospital’: Could the Show Run out of Episodes During Its Coronavirus Suspension?

General Hospital and other daytime soap operas air episodes every weekday, which means that the virtual coronavirus shutdown of Hollywood affects them greatly. If the shows don’t come back from suspension soon, could the long-running ABC soap run out of episodes?

Chad Duell and Steve Burton on 'General Hospital'
Chad Duell and Steve Burton on ‘General Hospital’ | Nick Agro via Getty Images

The coronavirus outbreak has a huge impact on daytime soaps

It was revealed recently that production on General Hospital had been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The soap was suspended along with the rest of the remaining broadcast soap operas, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful are also suspended.

If the pandemic lasts further, it is likely that the shows could run out of episodes and have to utilize a back-up plan. here could be a chance that the shows run out of episodes and have to air reruns.

The only show that would be somewhat unaffected by Days of Our Lives. The last remaining soap on NBC tapes episodes several months in advance.

However if the suspensions continue to last for a lot more weeks, Days of Our Lives could be impacted as well.

During the pandemic, General Hospital actors are remaining connected to fans by giving them advice, tips, and overall content on social media.

How long could new ‘General Hospital’ episodes last?

The show first announced that it would stop shooting on March 16. The soap website SoapDirt has new information that could hint to the show possibly running out of episodes.

According to the site, the break was scheduled to end on April 10. However, this is likely to last longer as California has a stay-at-home order until April 19.

SoapDirt says, “An ABC inside source leaked that it’s going to extend far later into the month and possibly into May. As of now, General Hospital should have enough episodes to last through April 13.”

If the suspension does last longer, it looks like by mid-April, the show could possibly begin doing reruns.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.