‘General Hospital’: Fans Are Either Here for Trina’s Father Reveal or Think There Is More to the Story

After her paternity had been teased on the show for months, General Hospital viewers finally learned the identity of the father of Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla). Viewers of the show love the reveal but some still think there could be more to the story.

Sydney Mikayla
Sydney Mikayla | Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk

The identity of Trina’s father was finally unveiled

Last week, after a lot of teasing, the show finally confirmed that Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) is Trina Robinson’s real father.

While Trina is sitting with Cam Webber, he comes in and gives her a hug while Curtis Ashford is outside ashing. It was long thought that Trina could be Curtis’ daughter.

Another big theory thought that Trina could be Nikolas Cassadine’s daughter with Taggert’s sister, Gia Campbell.

Fans love that Trina is Taggert’s daughter

General Hospital viewers have sung praises for the reveal and are totally here for it.

One fan tweeted, “I absolutely LOVE this!!! Long time GH fan, have always loved the back and forth between Taggert and Sonny. And now we learn Taggert is Trina’s Dad?!? YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!”

“I wanted Trina to be Nikolas and Gia’s kid but I actually really love that she’s Taggert’s. That was a fun reveal,” said another.

Another fan noted how important this reveal is in a historical context. “The amount of African American teens in soap history can be counted on 2 hands. Fewer evolve to adult roles on soaps. Not to mention to see a AA father. I hope Taggert & Trina get to be 3 dimensional and your storyline is as front burner as the other stories,” they tweeted to Andrews.

The actors seem to be fans of the reveal themselves. Andrews posted on social media, “Hanging out on the set of the Best show on TV ABC General Hospital with my Daughter Trina played by the amazing #sidneymikayla Boom. it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Many viewers still think that there is more to the story

The father reveal still doesn’t explain how Trina found out via DNA testing that she is related to an unknown person in Port Charles. Curtis’s Aunt Stella also found out she is related to someone she doesn’t know in town, meaning that they could have possibly matched. This means, somehow, Trina and Curtis could be somehow related.

Fans also have other theories as well. “I am wondering if Taggert and his ex-wife are actually her biological parents, just from the way Jordan was acting in the last episode. I think it’s possible Trina is Jordan’s and Cyrus’ and Taggert agreed to raise her as his own for her safety. Total speculation. Hope not though,” tweeted one person.

Another viewer said, “My theories about Trina: Jordan could be her mom, Taggert sis Gia is her mom who got into Cyrus drug dealings & died Taggert had to take care of Trina never told Trina. Or Taggert had some sort of feeling 4 Jordan yrs ago wants to pin deaths on her as payback 4 not wanting him.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.