‘General Hospital’ Fans Want Bryan Craig to Return Somehow

Many fans might complain about characters like Sonny Corinthos dominating General Hospital lately. One reason is some other characters died in the show, including longtime favorite Morgan Corinthos (son of Sonny and Carly).

As played by Bryan Craig on the show going back to 2013, he filled in as a new and older version of Morgan. The date of when he was born (2003) became retconned after the character suddenly became older nearly a decade later.

Because this is a soap opera, viewers were not bothered. Craig managed to bring real dramatic power to Morgan until the character was killed off in 2016. Now fans want him back on in some capacity.

Bryan Craig ended up winning accolades for playing Morgan

Bryan Craig as Morgan on 'General Hospital'
Bryan Craig as Morgan on ‘General Hospital’ | Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Playing a typical bad boy in a soap might not have been Bryan Craig’s initial dream job, until realizing Morgan was a little more complex. Being the son of a mob kingpin opened a lot of possibilities for character development.

Fortunately, Craig’s acting prowess made his take on Morgan an audience favorite. He ended up winning two Daytime Emmy Awards in the process.

When Morgan was supposedly killed in a car explosion, though, everyone thought it the end of a pivotal character. Because Morgan’s body was never officially found, it used the standard soap device of him possibly still being alive.

Now all hope rests on that with new rumors of Craig returning to the role. Any hope of this only lies on the fact the shows Craig acted on more recently ended up being canceled.

Other shows Bryan Craig left to act on bit the dust

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Back in 2016, Craig announced his departure from playing Morgan to star in The CW series Valor. This was a military drama, giving a chance for Craig to once again show off his skills in dramas, albeit still within soapy storylines.

Yes, Valor was essentially a nighttime soap opera in military gear. Craig played Staff Sergeant Adam Coogan who held a rivalry with Capt. Leland Gallo (Matt Davis) over a woman.

The show lasted one year, but Craig quickly moved on to another series: ABC’s Grand Hotel. The latter show was marketed as somewhat of an opulent nighttime soap opera ABC was known for already decades ago, as in Dynasty.

After completing 13 episodes, Grand Hotel was also axed by ABC, leaving Craig more or less open to returning to General Hospital. If he reads fan response, he should consider it.

What are fans saying about Bryan Craig returning?

When General Hospital promoted a Best of Sonny’s Children episode on Twitter, one clip featured Sonny’s interactions with Morgan. As the show mentioned, it seemed Sonny truly understood what his son was going through in being who he was.

It gave Craig ample opportunity to bring depth to the character, something fans still miss. A fan on Twitter piped in by saying: “I love @bryan_craig- I miss him. I’d be delighted to see him come back from the dead.”

Those above rumors about his return to the Morgan role keep persisting since he seemingly has nothing else in the works. Then again, his IMDb page shows pre-production beginning on a TV show called Revenge Wars. Not that another TV job would necessarily conflict with playing Morgan part of the time.

A lot of soap stars returned to their respective roles on only a part-time basis. If Craig does return, it would certainly be an event for General Hospital followers. The biggest hurdle is overcoming the contrived explanations for reviving someone from the dead. So far, most cars that unexpectedly explode have no ejection seats inside.