‘General Hospital’ Fans Wanted to See Brando and Maxie Get Together

There’s no mistake about it: General Hospital is a classic soap opera and has run for decades. Relationships have started, failed, and endured throughout time. With Maxie and Peter’s doomed relationship playing out for viewers, fans who support the pair are few and far between. Some fans, however, thought a couple that could have been. Brando and Maxie are a match fans approved of. Read on to find out more.

Kirsten Storms, looking surprised, holding her hand to her cheek
Kirsten Storms | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Maxie was clearly interested in Brando

First off, Maxie was impressed with Brando when he arrived — after all, he’s got Sam McCall’s approval, which means he can’t be all bad. He’s also easy to talk to. She’s told him about her kids, leading to minivan jokes, and an admission by Brando that he wants more kids.

But eventually, Peter coming into the picture put the brakes on Brando and Maxie, and fans aren’t thrilled about Maxie and Peter getting married. Fans hoped that Brando would play a role in taking Peter down; after all, Brando has already proven himself to Jason and Sonny, Maxie could do worse and … well, has done worse with Peter.

Brando and Maxie chemistry

Chemistry. It’s everything in a couple, especially a soap opera couple. Maxie and Brando surely had that, and fans couldn’t get enough. When the two first seemed to be heating up, fans could see as Maxie became more interested in Brando’s private life and gave a hint that she wanted to set him up with someone — likely with her. These scenes seemed to be a chemistry test to see how Brando and Maxie would fare as a couple and, fans seem to approve. The couple passed with flying colors, showing cute curiosity on Maxie’s part and openness on Brando’s part.

That’s quite significant considering Brando had shut down with others. He and Maxie connected when they talked about their children, and having more. Most importantly, he admitted he liked kids, which will be important since Maxie has another baby on the way.

A kid-centric couple

The entire conversation between Brando and Maxie was very focused on kids. Her kids. His kid. A minivan. That’s some pretty serious stuff for a casual fling that could have been. Instead, it played more like the writers for General Hospital were seeing if Brando would be a good stepdad for her kids. However, Peter August had some pretty big secrets and when revealed, Maxie won’t want him around the kids. Peter’s dangerous, which could make these challenges even harder.

Knowing all this, it would have been great if Maxie fell in love with a good guy like Brando. He’d be able to be a good job with helping to raise the kids, and would likely want more. Fans would have loved to see the two of them get together and maybe start a family, even if they weren’t the perfect match — at least he would have been better than Peter!