‘General Hospital’: Réal Andrews Is Returning and It’s Possible That He’s Bringing Taggert Back from the Dead

General Hospital viewers were thrown for a loop when Réal Andrews returned to the show as Marcus Taggert for the first time in years, only to be written off not that long after. It has been confirmed that the actor is bringing back the character to the show and we’re already wondering if he’s really dead or alive.

Réal Andrews in 2012
Réal Andrews in 2012 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

His first return was years in the making

Andrews was off the show for almost two decades before making a surprise appearance and return to the show. Back in January, he came back to the show as Taggert, a police officer who had a feud with Sonny Corinthos. The character’s other prior storylines on the show included his relationship with Dara Jensen, his rivalry with Justus Ward, and his relationship with his sister, Gia Campbell.

The actor first played Taggert from 1996-1997, and then again from 1998-2003. He also appeared on the General Hospital spinoff, Port Charles. Other than General Hospital, Andrews has appeared in other soap operas, including All My Children and Days of Our Lives.

Taggert’s return was introduced through a then-unknown connection that he has with Jordan Ashford. Soon viewers learn that criminal Cyrus Renault has a vendetta against Ashford and Taggert, who took him down years ago.

A visit that was incredibly too shot

Trina Robinson, a crucial member of the show’s teen scene, is revealed to be the daughter of Taggert. However, he is shot and killed soon after they reunited. He gets shot by one of Cyrus’s henchmen after saving Trina and Cameron Webber after they were kidnapped.

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Taggert apparently dies from a blood clot as a result of the shooting. However, back when he died a lot of fans aren’t convinced that Taggert was really gone from the show, hoping it was just a ploy to make it seem like he was dead. Many thought that Sonny could have helped Tagget fake his death. Still, Andrews took to social media and seemingly made it official, unless he was in on it too.

The actor wrote on Instagram, “RIP Taggert. Thanks everyone for all your support I appreciate you all it was a great run and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. Although I appreciate your support more than you know I am great Gods got me.”

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He continued, “It has been a honor and privilege working with Maurice, Steve, Sidney, Brianna, Donnell, Rebecca, Roger, Max and Genie. Thank you to Frank, the Producers and Writers for the opportunity. Thanks to Mark Teschner for always believing in me and thanks to all the crew and Staff for making my stay and amazing one. God Bless.”

The actor is returning once again

Soaps.com is reporting that the actor is returning to the show. However, not much is known about his return. It is not sure if this will be a short stint or if he could be returning on contract. It also hasn’t been determined yet if Taggert will be back from the dead or if the character is back on the show as a ghost.

Sooner or later, we’ll find out if Taggert will just be a ghost or if the theories about him still being alive could be true,

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.