‘General Hospital’: The 1 Couple Fans Are Ready to See on the Show

General Hospital has been on the air since 1963. Throughout the years, it has also produced a number of couples that fans love and support. From the ultimate “super couple” Luke and Laura to the four-times-married Sonny and Carly, it seems like there are many pairings on General Hospital that viewers cannot get enough of.

Recently, fans have been eyeing the development of a potential couple that’s making them excited. Read on below to find out what this couple is and why viewers think it should happen soon.

Viewers want Maxie and Chet to get together on ‘General Hospital’

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Kirsten Storm in ‘General Hospital’ | Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is one of the main characters on General Hospital. Since her first appearance in the early ’90s, Maxie has been in a fair number of relationships, though none of them has been long-lasting.

In any case, a lot of fans think that Maxie and one of the recurring characters, Chet Driscoll (Chris Van Etten), could make a great pair. The argument is that Chet has a more exciting personality and storyline that Maxie’s current boyfriend, Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

“Peter is SO handsome but so wooden,” one viewer wrote. “Maxie with Chet would be nice and light, which is what I think we need for Maxie. I don’t see her doing a heavy storyline for awhile.”

Another person commented: “I was team Peter, but now I’m ready to move on. The writers have wasted any potential Maxie and Peter had, not to mention Peter has been so stupid I’m over it.”

Who exactly is Chet?

Chet is not a main character, but he has appeared on and off since 2017. He is played by actor Chris van Etten who is a Marine veteran and double amputee.

The first time viewers saw him was when he arrived in the emergency room after overdosing on pills. We soon learned that he is the brother of Nurse Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) and that he struggled with a drug addiction after his stint in the military. With the help of his sister, Chet eventually got better and found his place in Port Charles. In early 2019, he got a job as a bartender at the famed bar, The Floating Rib.

As for Chet’s relationship with Maxie, the two of them actually go way back. Chet grew up in Port Charles and attended the same high school as Maxie. They reconnected when Chet came back to town, and Chet even confessed that he had a crush on her back in the days. However, Maxie turned him down and started dating Peter instead.

What has Maxie and Peter’s relationship been like?

Maxie and Peter first met in 2017 when he was hired by the media company that oversees the magazine where Maxie works. Maxie was in a relationship with Peter’s half-brother, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey), at the time. Maxie and Peter became friends, and they bonded with each other after Nathan got killed in early 2018. A year later, they officially began dating each other.

Maxie and Peter’s relationship initially got a lot of negative reactions from fans who felt that the writers had not given Maxie enough time to grieve Nathan’s death before moving her on to be with Peter. However, a number of viewers eventually came around to liking them together, especially when it became clear that Peter was a nice guy and not at all like his infamous father, Cesar Faison.

Yet, there are still fans who do not think Maxie and Peter have believable chemistry, which explains why some are getting behind a possible romance with Chet. Ultimately, whether Maxie will settle down with Peter or end up with someone else in the future is still anyone’s guess.