‘General Hospital’: Trina Robinson Could Still Be Curtis Ashford’s Daughter

A General Hospital star has weighed in on an idea that has been purported since earlier this year. The character of Trina Robinson may have a different parent (or parents) than who we’ve been told.

Donnell Turner, Sydney Mikayla
(L-R) Donnell Turner as Curtis Ashford and Sydney Mikayla as Trina Robinson on ‘General Hospital’ | ABC/Craig Sjodin, Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television

Rumors ran rampant earlier this year that Trina Robinson is Curtis Ashford’s daughter and not Marcus Taggert’s

Before Trina’s parents were officially revealed to be Marcus Taggert and Portia Robinson, many people had different theories to as to who her parents may be. Some fans not only think that Taggert is not her real father, but they also think that there is a chance that Portia may not be her mother.

The show even made hints toward this by setting up a feud between Curtis and Trina earlier this year. It was also established that Portia and Curtis knew each other years ago, giving the theory more credibility. Also, Curtis’ aunt, Stella Henry, took a DNA test which revealed that she was related to someone in Port Charles that she doesn’t know and it was believed that this person could be Trina.

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The theory of Curtis being Trina’s father was the one that has always made the most sense, especially when compared to other theories like Gia Campbell or Jordan Ashford being her real mother.

Here’s what Donnell Turner says about the theory that Trina Robinson is Curtis Ashford’s child

For the first time, one of the actors involved has spoken about the theory that Taggert may not actually be Trina’s father. Donnell Turner, who plays Curtis on the soap opera, spoke about the theory and a few other things in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest.

On potential exploring the storyline of Curtis being Trina’s father, Turner is down for the possibility.  “I think if they go in that direction, it would be awesome,” he said. “She’s a lovely young lady in real life and it would give them somewhere to go and would further establish this budding family in Port Charles. I think it would be a great move.”

Donnell Turner on working with Sydney Mikayla

He also spoke about his experience working with Sydney Mikayla, who plays Trina, since Trina has such an antagonistic relationship with Curtis. But this is all on-screen — he loves each time he gets an opportunity to work with the young actress.

 “There are a lot of us on the show and we’re ships in the night, so we don’t see each other all the time,” he explained.

“When I see Sydney, it’s usually to be yelled at! So, it’s kind of like, ‘Wait a minute!’ I have to separate reel from r-e-a-l because in real life, this young lady doesn’t hate me. Sometimes, my natural instinct when I see her is to keep walking! But when we do stop and talk, she is so lovely and so friendly. We had a long talk yesterday, actually, about the voting episode, which I thought was just wonderful. I thought Sydney did a wonderful job. I just think she is fire! She is beautiful. Watching her grow, watching her develop, is so exciting. Good on General Hospital for finding her and keeping her. It’s wonderful to work with her.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.