‘General Hospital’: Will There be Romance with Alexis and Valentin, Considering They’re Not Actually Siblings?

In civilized society, romance between siblings is frowned upon, unless it’s a space opera like the original Star Wars movie or a soap opera like General Hospital. But what does a couple do when they find out they’re actually not related after all?

That’s what Alexis and Valentin have discovered, sending some General Hospital viewers into a tizzy. Fans who ship that couple are cheering now that Alexis and Valentin can shake off the shackles of potential incest — or can they? 

How did Alexis and Valentin hook up?

NANCY LEE GRAHN on ‘General Hospital’ | Nick Agro via Getty Images

To understand Alexis and Valentin is to consider the Cassadine Family, the dynasty that has been part of General Hospital since 1981, around the time of the heyday of the wedding of Luke and Laura. They’re basically the evil family that bedevils other characters with their outlandish schemes. 

According to the GH Wiki, Valentin Cassadine came along four years ago when he was discovered on Cassadine Island. Originally, it was thought that Valentin might be the illegitimate son of Mikkos.

Meanwhile, Alexis had her own tangled family history. She was one of Mikkos’ illegitimate daughters with a Swedish opera singer. 

So what happens when an actual illegitimate child hooks up with another child who turns out not to be illegitimate? Fans are finding out, because it was revealed that Valentin is actually Helena’s son and not related to Mikkos at all. Helena had  tricked Mikkos into believing that Valentin was his son for years

What do fans think of the potential pairing?

On Twitter, General Hospital’s official Twitter account posted, “Valentin is ready for the next phase of his life in Port Charles. How does ELQ factor into those plans?”

ELQ refers to Edward Louis Quartermaine International, a conglomerate controlled by the Quartermaine family. It’s more or less analogous to Ewing Oil and Dallas, on the evening soap side. 

On Twitter, the post stoked some fans’ imaginations, with one posting, “I could totally ship Alexis and Valentin now that they aren’t brother and sister.” Another tweeted, “Would love to see a Valentin & Alexis romance.”

Still, at least one other fan was cautious, posting, “I’m curious why all of a sudden all these scenes with Alexis. This can’t be random. I think they are testing their chemistry. Personally, I hope she stays with Neil and avoids the bad boys.”

How did Luke and Laura lead to Alexis and Valentin?

It’s a long road from Alexis and Valentin back to the show’s one-time power couple Luke and Laura, but they are interconnected, because soap operas depend on complicated family dynamics. It has certainly fueled General Hospital, which is one of the longest-running soaps of all time and one of few still in production. 

Luke and Laura had a problematic relationship in that Luke drunkenly raped Laura, but Laura still fell in love with Luke. Such a storyline would never pass muster today in the #MeToo era, but back in the early 1980s, it rescued General Hospital, when Luke and Laura became known even outside of soap opera fandoms.

What does that have to do with the Cassadine family? That family made its appearance on the show in the early 80s when they became the villains to Luke and Laura’s heroes, with Luke and Laura even helping to foil a Cassadine plot to freeze the world using a weather machine.

One can only wonder who a plot like that would play now, considering the increased popularity of superhero movies. Compared to that, the prospect of Alexis and Valentin is practically normal, with only a mistaken familial relationship in their way.