Get Ready for Game Night: Hallmark Channel Monopoly Is a Real Thing and People Are Freaking Out

The Hallmark Channel is your go-to place for heartwarming movies and romance. Now, the feel-good network is giving you another way to enjoy its signature spirit: a Hallmark-themed board game. This holiday season, you and your loved ones can cap off a cozy night of Hallmark Christmas movie viewing with a friendly game of Monopoly. 

This Monopoly game is designed for Hallmarkies  

This year, Hallmark is making family game night even more fun with a special Hallmark-themed edition of the classic board game Monopoly. 

In this unique take on the well-known game of real estate domination, everything from the tokens to the game board will remind you of your favorite TV channel. A watering can, ice skates, ice cream cone, engagement ring, and Christmas tree have replaced the traditional game pieces like the Scottie dog, top hat, and race car. And instead of buying Baltic Avenue or Boardwalk, you can own a sledding hill or a Christmas tree farm. 

The board also features a When Calls the Heart railroad and a Chesapeake Shores Ferry instead of the traditional railroads, and the electric company is now a dog shelter. Houses and hotels have turned into cottages and inns. But one key element the game remains the same — you can still end up in jail, even in this friendly Hallmark-themed world. 

The game retails for $39.99 and goes on sale October 25. 

Hallmark fans are already planning their game nights 

pennsylvania railroad square on a monopoly board
The Pennsylvania Railroad square on traditional Monopoly board | Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg via Getty Images

When Hallmark revealed the new game on its Instagram, fans made it clear they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the real thing.  

“Those game pieces are everything!!! So fun,” commented one.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I have to get this,” another wrote.

“Oh I really need this game along with a sweatshirt and a blanket,” someone else chimed in.

Even actress Jen Lilley, who has starred in multiple Hallmark movies, was excited, commenting “Oh. My. Goodness.” 

“THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!” wrote country singer and former American Idol contestant Matt Rogers. 

“Julia and I have been playing and we love it!” commented regular Hallmark Channel actress Lacey Chabert, who noted that her 3-year-old daughter has her own version of Monopoly rules. “She takes all the money though and will only allow me to be the Christmas tree piece -makes sense I guess ;”

Of course, depending on how competitive your family and friends are, a game of Monopoly could quickly turn contentious. To win, you need to play aggressively and buy up and develop as many properties as quickly as possible, with the goal of swiftly bankrupting your fellow players, experts told Insider. That ruthless approach doesn’t exactly square with the spirit of community and cooperation often seen in Hallmark movies. But there’s still room for kindness in a game of Monopoly, U.K. champion Natalie Fitzsimmons told the Guardian

“Leave them favorable when the going gets tough,” she advised.

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