Gigi Hadid Uses a Very Distinct Standard to Measure Her Success

Gigi Hadid is one of the world’s top fashion models. Part of a famous family that includes her sister, fellow model Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid rose to fame at a very early age but has managed to keep a solid head on her shoulders and stay (for the most part) out of the tabloid headlines.

Hadid has modeled for some of the biggest fashion houses around and has a roster of famous friends who support her through thick and thin. Perhaps most surprising of all, Hadid is relatable and accessible. She also measures success in a manner that you wouldn’t expect.

How did Gigi Hadid become famous?

Gigi Hadid attends the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline party.
Gigi Hadid | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Born Jelena Noura Hadid in 1995 to Yolanda Hadid and Mohamed Hadid, Hadid had an extraordinary childhood. She started modeling when she was still a toddler, appearing in Baby Guess ad campaigns. She didn’t continue to model throughout her childhood, taking a lengthy break in order to focus on school. Still, she definitely showed promise as a model and in 2011, she picked up where she had left off.

In 2013, Hadid moved to New York City in order to pursue her modeling career. She walked in New York Fashion Week in 2014, marking an auspicious debut on the event’s catwalk.

Hadid’s ethereal looks made an impression on many designers and in the years that followed, she would work with brands such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Chanel, and Michael Kors. She has become quite popular in the world of pop culture.

In 2017, Hadid was named a Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year. Among her celebrity buddies are Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Ashley Graham. 

How does Gigi Hadid cope with fame?

Hadid has been open with her fans about the difficulties of life in the spotlight. She has admitted to suffering from occasional anxiety and has stated that sometimes the pressure of social media and societal expectations can get to her. During those moments, Hadid says that she forces herself to sit down on her bed and say affirmations out loud — words of encouragement that remind her that she is a good person and has only good intentions. 

Hadid also has some slightly unconventional ways of coping with stress, which includes screaming into a pillow or even “screaming into the ocean,” and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, taking moments to focus on quiet reflection. Of course, there’s no doubt that when Hadid needs some quality girl time, she can call up her celebrity friend squad and plan a glamorous trip to help unwind and relax. 

Gigi Hadid measures success in a unique way

By any standard, Hadid has achieved extraordinary success at a very young age. Only 24 years old, Hadid has managed to reach goals that elude people decades older.

In a recent interview, Hadid opened up about her path to modeling and what specifically makes her feel like a success. Hadid admitted that she came from a place of privilege and felt that she needed to really do something special in order to prove herself. 

Hadid stated that she first started to feel successful in more private situations that “the world didn’t experience” with her. The model said that when she works with someone she really respects informs her that she’s good at her job, fun to work with, and nice to be around — that’s really when she feels as though she’s made it in the world.