‘Gilmore Girls’: Are Emily and Lorelei More Alike Than They Think?

Emily Gilmore and Lorelei Gilmore never saw eye to eye, it would seem. Their troubled relationship, after all, was the catalyst for Lorelei’s entire life. While the pair would like to believe they were completely different people, anyone who has watched the series more than once realizes that the two characters are actually exactly alike. Their similarities might actually be the reason the two Gilmore ladies could never sit still long enough to work out their troubles. Do you remember these four moments when it was apparent that Lorelei was just like her mother?

Lorelei was livid when Rory applies to anywhere but Harvard

When Lorelei finds out that Rory has applied to schools other than Harvard, she’s pretty peeved. Sure, Lorelei clearly doesn’t know that a prestigious prep school would never allow a student to apply to a single school, but she’s sure irritated when she finds out that Harvard isn’t Rory’s only option.

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While massive fans of Lorelei will insist that she feared Rory was being manipulated into attending Yale, it seemed like any school other than Harvard wouldn’t have flown with Lorelei. The rigidity that Lorelei shows at that moment is similar to Emily’s incredibly rigid nature. In Lorelei’s defense, she eventually settles down, but at that moment, at the dinner table, Lorelei seems a lot more like Emily than she would like to admit.

Lorelei attempts to keep Rory away from an upper-class upbringing

Lorelei admits that she ran from her upper-class upbringing because it wasn’t the life she wanted. Emily clearly tried to keep Lorelei within the lifestyle because she thought that was what was best for her. In a lot of ways, Lorelei attempts to keep Rory away from her parents way of life.

The way they go about it is very different, and Lorelei relents eventually, but their motivations are the same. Both women believe they know what’s best for their respective daughters. Lorelei merely approaches it with a bit more whimsy than Emily. Lorelei also got lucky. Rory, while a lot like Lorelei in many ways, is nowhere near as fearless as her mother, and seemingly much more willing to follow the leader in her life.

Speaking of leadership skills, both Emily and Lorelei have them

Emily and Lorelei are both natural-born leaders. While the trait has served both of them well, two natural-born leaders in a room rarely goes well. They both want to lead, which will always cause friction. Lorelei and Emily both have unique leadership styles, but the trait is present in both women. Lorelei’s goal is to make every one like her, so they’ll fall in line. Mainly, she takes a soft approach to leadership. Emily, on the other hand, has a tendency to strong-arm cooperation out of people, especially those that work for her.

Lorelei, when things get a little rough, however, seems to revert to her mother’s leadership style. Sookie once quipped that the last time she saw staff so afraid of their boss was the last time she was in Emily’s house. Micromanagement, however, is a trait that is always somewhat present for Lorelei, she just presents it in a far friendlier fashion than her strait-laced mother.

Lorelei and Emily are both pretty inflexible in their romantic endeavors

Richard Gilmore may be the leader of his company, but Emily is the leader in their home. She seems to make household decisions without much input from Richard and tends to freak out when things don’t go exactly her way. Take, for example, the time that Richard chooses to grow a mustache, and Emily just can’t stand it, or the way she flipped her lid when Richard moved forward with plans to open a business with Digger, despite Emily’s protests.

Lorelei is similarly inflexible, but again, she approaches it in a much softer way. On her first date with Digger, she refuses to sit in the private room, forcing them to leave the restaurant in search of food elsewhere. She bamboozles Luke into buying the Twickum house, then getting rid of it when she doesn’t want to sell her home. She even fights with Christopher over putting a flatscreen TV into the living room when he agrees to live in Stars Hollow.

The only difference between Emily and Lorelei is their approach. Again, Lorelei approaches everything with a charming quirkiness that makes her easily loveable. Emily is much less apologetic and far harsher in her approach, making her appear more shrill. In the end, it’s two doors to the same house.