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Every television show in existence has plot holes. The longer a show runs, the more breaches seem to exist. You can’t blame the writers, though. It’s hard to keep so many characters straight year after year. Gilmore Girls is no exception. There are several little missteps that hardcore fans will notice. Have you noticed these glaring plot holes?

Dean’s disappearing motorcycle

Dean is Rory’s very first boyfriend, and in being so, Lorelai insists that Rory will never ride on his bike. Dean assures her that all is well because he doesn’t own a motorcycle. Lorelai doesn’t seem to buy it, and with good reason. Dean, later in the season, mentions that he and his pal, Todd, work on their motorcycles together.

The mystery of the motorcycle deepens, though. Not only do fans never see it, but neither Rory nor Dean ever mention it again. In later seasons, Dean has a truck that he shares with his ex-wife, Lindsay. The motorcycle never makes another appearance, and Dean strolls off into the sunset around season 5.

Septic tanks are a point of debate

Is Stars Hollow on the septic system or not? Fans long thought the small hamlet let behind the septic system decades ago, but A Year In The Life brings the issue back to the forefront. During the show’s revival, Lorelai and Rory sit in on a town meeting where the townspeople argue about whether or not they should switch from septic tanks. That might not seem strange. After all, the people of Stars Hollow discuss weird things.

The problem comes in when hardcore fans remember that the town supposedly celebrated the switch before Season 1 even debuted. In the first season, a high school-aged Rory tells her new beau, Dean, that the town had a month-long celebration when they switched from the septic system.

Where did Lane get all of her money?

Lane Kim is a rebel. We all know that. She has managed to amass an impressive musical library, lots of clothing, and a ton of makeup all without her mother knowing. In fact, her love of rock is so intense that she cooks up an impressive scheme to get a new EP while she’s grounded. Where did all of Lane’s money come from?

Mrs. Kim would likely lay down her life before she handed over her credit card to Lane. She doesn’t have a job while in high school. Somehow, someway, however, she has enough money to fill the floorboards of her house with CDs and the underside of her bed with band merch. So, is Lane a kleptomaniac, or did the creators of Gilmore Girls think fans wouldn’t notice her seemingly unending budget?  

Speaking of the Kims, where is Mr. Kim?

In the early seasons of Gilmore Girls Lane, reference her father on multiple occasions. She always refers to her parents in the plural, and then suddenly Mr. Kim is no more. Fans never see him, and he is never referenced again. In one scene, Lane is seen sneaking into her mother’s house after she moves out. She creeps into her bedroom, and only Mrs. Kim is there. If there is a Mr. Kim one would assume he would be in bed with Mrs. Kim.

Perhaps fans are to assume Mr. Kim died, but wouldn’t that be mentioned? After all, it seems as though Mr. Kim was alive and well during the first season of the show. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Kim never existed, and Lorelai and Mrs. Kim have more in common than we first thought.

Why do the Gilmores like Christopher so much?

From early in the series, it is made known that both Emily and Richard Gilmore adore Christopher Hayden. Christopher is Rory’s father. In the first season, Richard talks up Christopher to Rory, telling her how smart her father is. Meanwhile, the disappointment at Lorelai is palpable. Why do both Richard and Emily adore the man who impregnated their teenage daughter, when they are still angry at Lorelai 15 years after the fact?

 Actress Alexis Bledel attends the premiere of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" at Regency Bruin Theatre
Alexis Bledel attends the premiere of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Did Christopher offer one of them a kidney or something? The plot hole is never explained, and both Emily and Richard continue adoring Christopher while pointing out Lorelai’s teenage pregnancy as the bane of their existence.