‘Gilmore Girls’: Who Was The Best Boyfriend For Rory Gilmore?

The original run of Gilmore Girls may have ended in 2007, but fans got to remeet Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore ten years later via a Netflix revival. 2017 Rory is markedly different from the 2007 Rory fans got to know and love and her love life was just as uncertain in the revival as it was when she left on the campaign trail all those years ago. Fans have been debating who Rory’s perfect mate was for years. So, was Dean Forrester he best fit, or were Jess Danes or Logan Huntzberger the right love interest for Rory?

Gilmore Girls purists still think Dean is a good choice for Rory

Dean might have been the perfect first boyfriend for Rory, but he had some pretty terrible moments, too. Dean was moody, prone to temper tantrums, and had a pretty creepy vibe the last time fans saw him on the original run of Gilmore Girls. Luke reminds Dean that Rory grew up and that their relationship wasn’t meant to last. While Dean probably didn’t appreciate the sentiment, it was perhaps the most accurate thing Luke ever said.

Dean might have been tall and good-looking, but he lacked the ambition needed to keep up with Rory. Frankly, Dean was probably better suited to Lindsay, whom he cheated on with Rory. Just like Dean, Lindsay’s dreams were pretty basic, and together they could have made a good team if only they didn’t get married when they were 18 years old.

Could brooding Jess make Rory happy?

There are plenty of supporters of Jess as the perfect mate for Rory, but anyone who has watched Gilmore Girls has to admit that he was a pretty big jerk to her during their relationship. Jess was incapable of being dependable, offered very little in the way of emotional support, and never really opened up. He did eventually come into his own, and he did push Rory in the right direction after she dropped out of Yale, but as a boyfriend, he kind of sucked.

With all that being said, Jess really did seem to grow up, and he could be a good fit for Rory today. With a novel under his belt and a life that appears to be on track, his upbringing in the school of hard knocks might bring Rory back down to earth, and remind her that a person can shake their childhood at any time if they really want to. The revival, however, didn’t suggest any romance was blooming between them, though.

Was Logan the right pick?

Sure, Rory turned down Logan’s proposal at the end of Gilmore Girls, but when fans remeet Rory, she’s embroiled in an affair with the famed playboy. Amy Sherman-Palladino never went into detail about what transpired between the pair in the interim between Gilmore Girls and A Year in the Life, but clearly, they have a pretty unbreakable connection. Logan could be a pretty big jerk to the people around him, but overall he was sweet to Rory and really seemed to have nothing but love for her.

Would he have been the right pick for the overly analytical Rory? It’s possible. Logan’s free-spirited nature seemed to bring Rory out of her shell. He introduced her to a lot and gave her experiences she likely would have never had without him. The only real question is whether she could cut it in his world long-term. While some fans don’t think so, it’s pretty clear that Rory enjoyed life within the upper echelon of society, even if she didn’t like to admit it.

So, who would have been the right pick?

It’s hard to say who Rory really belonged with. There are some serious benefits to Rory settling down with both Jess and Logan. It’s safe to say Dean and Rory were never meant to be, so we’ll take him out of the running. Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who portrayed Jess, doesn’t think Rory belongs with any of her prior suitors. He believes that past love interests should stay in the past, according to Buzzfeed.

In A Year in the Life, Jess and Rory’s relationship seems pretty cozy, but there are serious friend vibes between the pair. It appears that both have moved on and wouldn’t be looking to make a relationship work right now, anyway. That leaves Logan. While he’s engaged to Odette, Logan fans would like to think he’d be willing to leave her for Rory if she said so. Since there is substantial evidence to suggest Logan is the father of Rory’s baby, It could happen.