Girl Power: 5 BFFs Who Prove Women Can Get Along

Most celebrities will admit that Hollywood is filled with opportunists, money-hungry agents and a bunch of backstabbers. While that may be true, not everyone in Hollywood is out to get a quick dollar from the most popular star of time. In fact, there are quite a few longterm Hollywood friendships that prove there are good people in the industry along the bumpy road stardom is often accompanied by, especially amongst women. Here are five celebrity BFF pairs that show the industry has just as good as it does bad.

Jennifer Lopez Leah Remini
Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini 2019 | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King

Winfrey once tearfully described King as being her greatest blessing, telling Barbara Walters in an ABC interview, “She is the mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want, she is the friend everybody deserves, I don’t know a better person.” They’ve been the definition of best friend goals for decades! The two met while working at the same Baltimore news station. King was a production assistant and Winfrey was an anchor. One winter evening in 1976, a snowstorm prevented King to travel back home to the suburbs where she lived. Though the two weren’t friends at the time, Winfrey invited King to stay the night at her place where she lived closer to the city. They hit it off and have been BFF’s ever since. They’ve experienced it all together: failed marriages with King finding her husband in bed with a friend – career highs and lows – children and the ever-present rumor sphere that plagues any public figure. They’ve had to combat speculation that the two were romantically involved due to their close friendship, as if two powerful women can’t be friends! Through it all, they’ve remained intact and have over 40 years to show for it, despite never living in the same city after their shared gigs in Baltimore! Kudos to them for showing that women can get along! 

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

Lopez and Remini were introduced by Lopez’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Thank God that when their marriage ended, the friendship between the two ladies wasn’t affected. Lopez and Remini met at the 2004 premiere of Anthony’s film, Man on Fire, the same year he and Lopez were married. Lopez said that their connection was instantaneous. While promoting their first project together, the movie Second Act, the two spoke openly about their love for each other. During an interview with The View, Lopez said that she’d spend hours on end at Remini’s house which would hilariously prompt questions from her ex-husband. The two have described their friendship as being “close like sisters.” 

Khloe Kardashian and Malika Haqq

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Kardashian and Haqq’s friendship has stood the test of time. With all of the chaos the famous family has experienced since their explosive rise to fame, Haqq has been loyal and never left Kardashian’s side. They first crossed paths as teenagers when Haqq dated one of Kardashian’s friends. They hit it off and grew up together while they supported each other’s careers. Haqq ventured into acting and modeling while Kardashian worked for her family clothing business before reality television fame. Haqq even worked as Kardashian’s personal assistant at one point but quit in 2012 to get back into her own career. They’ve been there for each other through their toughest storms. Haqq’s ex-boyfriend was tragically murdered in 2015 and Kardashian was her shoulder to cry on. The world watched as Kardashian experienced heartbreak after heartbreak with her divorce from Lamar Odom, and the devastating cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson but she had Haqq’s unending support. With Haqq’s recent reveal that she’d an expectant mom, it looks like more memories for the two are to come!

Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall

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Lathan and Hall’s friendship goes back over 20 years. Despite the fact that they’ve been competing for the same roles for almost their entire careers, they’ve maintained a healthy relationship. They’ve even starred along one another in several roles, including The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday and Disappearing Acts. At one point, they lived with one another while Hall’s home was being renovated. They are so close that they refer to each other as “human diaries,” as they know all of each other’s secrets.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Kelly Rowland

Who knew that when Knowles-Carter and Rowland met at the age of nine that both would go on to become parts of the biggest girl group of all time and would still be standing strong together 30 years later?! That’s been the case for the former members of Destiny’s Child. Rowland lived with the Knowles family from the age of about 10 years old when her mother moved to Houston and left Rowland so that her daughter could chase her dream as a singer alongside her friend. The Knowles’ family accepted her as her own and she became a surrogate daughter while being raised with Knowles-Carter as her sister. Both have credited their survival in the industry with having a strong support system, specifically within each other. Though their success levels have been different with Knowles-Carter being a bigger star as far as touring and album sales go, their friendship has remained solid. In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Rowland spoke on her adoration for her lifelong BFF, saying, “She could have an ego, but she’s the most humble person I know. I admire her passion and hard work.”

Who are your favorite BFF’s in Hollywood?