‘GLOW’ Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Despite Netflix possibly suffering a blow later from Disney+ and Apple TV+, they still have a strong bevy of original shows continuing to compel viewers. GLOW falls under the category of 1980s nostalgia that Stranger Things continues to bask in.

The difference is the former series deals in women’s professional wrestling once really existing under that corporate acronym (“Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”).

While Stranger Things gives us a warmer glow for the 1980s, the glow of GLOW is decidedly darker. It isn’t afraid to look at the underbelly of the wrestling world for women then, including the seedy people running the show.

After two successful seasons with star names like Alison Brie and Marc Maron, a third season will soon debut. Here’s our quick guide on probable plot developments.

Continuing a look at women in an era when men still dominated everything

GLOW cast
Actors Kia Stevens, Marc Maron, Britt Baron, Britney Young, creator Carly Mensch | Robby Klein/Getty Images

It was long overdue that pop culture started examining the 1980s under a microscope. We’ve seen some sitcoms and dramas on mainstream TV taking place in the ’80s, mostly done with tongue in cheek. GLOW is a bit of the same, but it does a deeper dive into what professional women wrestlers were dealing with at the time.

What makes this series different is it reveals how much of an identity crisis these women had acting under specific personas as wrestlers, then dealing with real life under their real names.

Season three will debut on August 9 with the usual order of 10 episodes. For many, this has been just right while always getting high quality writing in each episode as we always expect from Netflix.

After two seasons of exploring the story of Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder (Alison Brie) (with her many women co-stars like Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, and Britney Young), the show is going to continue seeing their careers blossom. The word “blossom” might be relative when they still have to go through hell to keep their wrestling careers alive.

For this season, it’ll shift to Vegas, which is more about survival due to their show being dropped from TV.

Filming in Las Vegas with a new co-star

A number of shows have filmed directly in Vegas over the years, though not for a while. Due to the budget increase in shooting there, the new season was reportedly delayed based on the relocation.

All the fictional women characters in the show find the shift from L.A. to Vegas more than a little jarring. We’re going to see what it was like for real women wrestlers at the time having to deal with maintaining their careers. Yes, all the cliches of showbiz has-beens performing in Vegas to keep working might have been true at one time.

At least the women will encounter a supportive new cast member (Geena Davis). She’ll be playing the entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino where the wrestlers now perform. Her character’s name is Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, a former Vegas showgirl.

If you know enough about Vegas showgirls, then you know they’ve gone through a lot of similar things women wrestlers have in decades past. No doubt St. Clair is going to become a motherly figure of advice to the main cast of characters.

Expect more Vegas theatrics to the ‘GLOW’ show

Once you’re sucked into the Vegas vortex, more gaudy and theatrical details are going to be put into any show being put on there. Considering this is still the 1980s, expect some gaudy entertainment from the women wrestlers when they start performing again.

There’s even a hint Debbie Eagan (Liberty Belle) will try to use St. Clair to possibly improve her career horizons.

As you can see from the trailer, the relationships among the women are also going to grow closer. This is really what the show is about, something only Netflix has truly mastered while mainstream networks still balk far too often.