‘God Friended Me’: Is Brandon Micheal Hall a Preacher’s Kid? The Star Reveals How His Mom Feels About the Show

Brandon Micheal Hall and Joe Morton
Brandon Micheal Hall and Joe Morton | Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

God Friended Me starts with Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall) being a son of a reverend, who is also an outspoken atheist with a podcast. That really affects their relationship, but once Miles is put on a new path from God friending him that changes. Is the actor actually a preacher’s kid in real life?

The Cheat Sheet talked to Brandon Micheal Hall about his upbringing and God Friended Me at the Paley Center on Feb. 26.

Brandon Micheal Hall’s mother is a pastor

The actor really was raised by a preacher in real life. His mother, Betty Hall was a pastor of the Kingdom Global Ministry in Anderson, SC. This meant she had a certain reaction when he told her he was going to play an atheist.

“Well at first my mom was like ‘Whoa, alright!’” Brandon Micheal Hall told The Cheat Sheet. Time has passed and the show along with the actor’s character has evolved.

Hall revealed that his conversations with his mother have evolved as well. “Now she’s like ‘alright, well let’s talk about it. What are your thoughts? Do you believe?’ My mom is asking me these things now.”

He added, “My mom is very loving. I just never thought within the religion I had the opportunity to say like ‘actually I’m questioning certain things and feeling a certain way about certain things.’”

Hall admitted that he was hesitant to take a role that involves religion

When asked if the actor was hesitant to take a starring role on a show so closely tied to religion he answered, “Absolutely, yeah!”

He went to talk about how taboo the subject usually is in society. “Three things you don’t talk about at the dinner table is religion, your doctor, and your lawyer. You don’t talk about them things at the dinner table.”

A show focusing on religion does seem like a risk and having a twist that God might be befriending someone on an app is even riskier. The risk paid off because God Friended Me is getting a second season and the actor said things changed personally after the show and not just with his mother.

“I’m actually having those conversations,” he said. “I enjoy being able to have those conversations with my mom, with my sister, with my family ’cause at first you didn’t really talk about it. It was just this is what it is, but now since I’ve opened that door I’ve taken that step to say like ‘you know what, let’s question it.’ Everyone else is on the same train too.”

He added, “So not only do I feel like I’m making a difference within the outer community but within my own inner community I’m making a difference as well and that feels really good to me.”

The actor is different from his character, but one thing they share is having a parent at the pulpit. It sounds like God Friended Me changed his life in many ways.

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