‘Godmothered’ Star Isla Fisher Opens up About Why Performing Is Still ‘Nerve-Racking’ for Her

Isla Fisher has definitely made it as an actor. She’s been working for nearly 30 years and has a string of successes like Wedding Crashers, Now You See Me and more. So it is a bit surprising to hear Fisher say she still finds every job nerve-racking, and a bit relatable too. It never goes away, even when you have the new movie Godmothered premiering on Disney+.

Isla Fisher and Willa Skye
Isla Fisher and Willa Skye | Disney+

Fisher was part of the Godmothered Zoom press conference. She described the film and explained why she was just as nervous on the set as she always is. Godmothered is now streaming on Disney+.

Isla Fisher describes ‘Godmothered’

Fisher plays Mackenzie Walsh, a woman who once wrote a letter to her fairy godmother as a kid. Godmothered begins when Eleanor (Jillian Bell) finally gets the letter and comes to Mackenzie’s aid at exactly the wrong time. She’s trying to hold her local news team together and raise her two daughters. 

“What’s fun about this story is that we kind of think of it as a hybrid of Broadcast News meets Elf,” Fisher said. “We’ve got a lot of physical comedy and a lot of sight gags and slapstick. And then we have also word play.”

Isla Fisher wasn’t sure ‘Godmothered’ was a done deal

Even after decades in the business, Fisher had the same old fears when she made Godmothered. Fortunately, everything worked out and she finished the film.

L-R: Willa Skye, Jillian Shea Spaeder, Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher | K.C. Baily/Disney+

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“It’s always really nerve racking,” Fisher said. “I always feel like oh, no, everyone’s gonna realize that I’m miscast [or] I sometimes show up with an idea and then it’ll sort of get thrown out the window. I think it’s like anything. It’s like being new at school. You just want to do a really good job and you try your best to do that. You also have a lot of new people to meet and a lot of names to forget.”

Isla Fisher has learned to roll with the punches

The message of Godmothered resonated with Fisher. In the film, Mackenzie learns that she found what she was looking for, even though it was different than she imagined as a child.

“That what’s great about life, at least from my perspective,” Fisher said. “I try to keep it as an open book and not really pin my hopes on anything. I don’t know if that’s healthy or not. I’ve just been like that since I was a kid. So, I’ve always been incredibly surprised that I’m employed, married, have a wonderful family, like everything feels like a bonus for me.”

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That’s not to say Fisher left everything to chance.

“Yeah, it’s nice to have goals,” Fisher said. “Equally, it’s nice to let situations in life guide you into new beginnings or openings that you might not have envisioned for yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone by being open to doing something potentially that wasn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse, to quote Americans. They always say wheelhouse. Is it in her wheelhouse? I don’t even know what it means but it sounds great.”