‘Godmothered’ Star Jillian Bell Describes the Hardest Part About Wearing the Fairy Godmother Dress

Jillian Bell said playing a fairy godmother was a dream of hers. However, making the Disney+ movie Godmothered showed her just how challenging being a fairy godmother could be for a human woman. Bell wears an expansive pink gown throughout the film, so she shared some of the troubles it caused.

Jillian Bell in Godmothered
Jillian Bell | Disney+

Bell was part of the Zoom press conference for Godmothered. During the Zoom, she discussed how she coped with her fairy godmother dress. Godmothered is now available on Disney+.

Jillian Bell on the benefits of her ‘Godmothered’ costume

Bell plays Eleanor, a fairy godmother in training who leaves Motherland to try to bring magic into Mackenzie Walsh (Isla Fisher)’s life. One benefit of the pink dress: it always reminded Bell who she was playing in Godmothered.

“I didn’t really have a costume change,” Bell said. “I’m in PJs at one point but for the most part I am in a corset and a ball gown the entire time we shot. And I will say that I actually really liked it. It really helps like get into character, stay in character, helps the posture.”

The downside of Jillian Bell’s ‘Godmothered’ costume

Godmothered filmed in Boston, Mass. in the winter. The pink dress failed to provide protection from the frigid climate. 

“There was one day where we were on a field and it was very cold,” Bell said. “It was 17 degrees and I was just in the dress. I was shaking uncontrollably. Besides that, I feel like we made it work. I wish I could’ve kept one because I like to keep one costume for everything I do but this was a pretty massive costume to ask for.”

L-R: Willa Skye, Jillian Shea Spaeder, Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher | K.C. Baily/Disney+

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Costume designer Renee Ehrlich Kalfus was sensitive to the demands of Godmothered.

“She took care of me,” Bell said of Kalfus. “She definitely took care of me, she made sure that I was warm when we were shooting very cold scenes. And, she made sure that I can move around a lot because it was very physical, most of the scenes. It was like a team effort, you know. Our director, Sharon Maguire, was there, and the head of costumes.”

Jillian Bell wore a real bridal gown 

Back before she filmed Godmothered in the freezing Boston winter, Bell recalled trying on Eleanor’s dress for the first time. It was actually a modified bridal gown. 

Godmothered Eleanor
Jillian Bell | K.C. Bailey/Disney+

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It started with a corset. I actually went to David’s Bridal and I tried on all different types of wedding dresses. And, they were all huge ball gowns. I remember seeing other women there that were trying on dresses to be married. They were looking at me and I was in the poofiest thing falling out of the dressing room and they were all like, ‘Congratulations.’ That’s how we kind of found the framing for the corset and the ball gown look. It went through many different versions but we all kind of got there together and I’m so pleased when I saw the final product.

Jillian Bell, Godmothered press conference, 11/17/2020