Good Luck Charms and Other Things Queen Elizabeth Carries in Her Purse

Everyone makes so much of a fuss over Queen Elizabeth‘s clothes — what color she wears, how decorated her hat is, etc. But one accessory that regularly floats under the radar is her go-to Launer purse. And really, it’s the piece of her ensemble royal watchers should be most interested in. Because unlike a flashy lime green chapeau, the queen’s little purse is a bit like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag — it holds more than meets the eye.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) is pictured during her visit of the Queen Elizabeth 2

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is pictured during her visit of the Queen Elizabeth 2 | Arthur Edwards/AFP/Getty Images

According to Glamour, Queen Elizabeth began sporting the little Launer bag in 1968. She has reportedly owned more than 200 of the luxury handbag, particularly the black patent Traviata style which features a longer handle so it comfortably hangs off her arm.

Speaking of which — her majesty also uses the purse as a communication device. Royal experts say the queen shifts the purse from one hand to the other when she is “finished” talking to someone. The Telegraph says the queen places her purse on the table when she wants an event to end shortly. And if she places the purse on the ground, it’s a signal to her ladies-in-waiting that she needs to be rescued from a conversation.

So what exactly goes into this mysterious bag?

The queen’s favorite carry-all reportedly contains lipstick, mints, her reading glasses, a small mirror, and a pen. It also reportedly packs a couple crisp bills on Sundays to take to church. There is also allegedly a little hook or suction cup tucked in there somewhere so she can hang it from anywhere without risking putting it on the floor.

There are also reports the queen carries little good luck charms in her bag for all of her children. It’s unclear whether she carries any for her grandchildren — or great-grandchildren for that matter.

And what about all the things that don’t fit into the miniature bag? Glamour reports Queen Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting are equipped with emergency stockings, extra gloves, and other accessories so she’s never caught without something. The Telegraph also says the queen possibly carries a cell phone, although it’s unclear if it’s a smartphone or if it fits into her square little purse.

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