‘Goodbye, Kyle!’ Goes Viral After This ‘RHOBH’ Night on the Town

Yelling “Goodbye, Kyle” is going so viral it may make planking look like a blip of a fad. Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently went out on the town with friends and may have started a trend that has some fans laughing (and others not so much).

Kyle Richards |Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After a lovely birthday dinner, Richards found herself outside Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. Silliness ensued as she yelled “Goodbye, Kyle” in the general direction of the establishment. As the evening unfolds, more people join in the call, which is now taking on a life of its own.

Why is ‘Goodbye, Kyle’ even a thing?

Thankfully Richards has a solid sense of humor. Because the entire battle cry was born from an extremely painful breakup fight between two close friends. Anyone tuning into RHOBH knows that the cast is at odds with Vanderpump, after believing she planted a story to paint Dorit Kemsley in a negative light.

Tensions mounted throughout the season until Richards went to Vanderpump’s home to let her know what the women were saying about the story. Unfortunately the meeting took a horrible turn and Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd lashed out at Richards.

Ultimately, Todd and Vanderpump asked Richards to leave their home. And as they walked up the stairs, Todd shouted, “Goodbye Kyle” in a very dramatic way.

So Richards blew off some steam with friends

Although the fight was filmed months ago, it only aired this week. When Richards was out with friends, she had some fun with it. While standing outside of SUR she said, “I’m going to order a goodbye Kyle on the rocks.”

Justin Sylvester, host of “Daily Pop” on E! was on the scene too. So Richards asked him what he’d order. He delivered the perfect response. “I would have a tequila with a side of…goodbye Kyle!” The two could not help but fall over laughing incredibly hard.

Then, Richards gets the Uber driver involved. He exclaims, “Goodbye, Kyle!” She hilariously hashtags her Instagram story with #1star. Then as each lady leaves the Uber, they too receive a “Goodbye!” farewell.

The other ladies film their own versions

Meanwhile, other RHOBH cast members viewed Richard’s Instagram story and can’t resist. Lisa Rinna posts to her Instagram story both her husband Harry Hamlin and mom saying, “Goodbye, Kyle!” Hamlin seems to be working at the table, looks up, delivers his line and returns to his work.

Kemsley and a friend take time from a photo shoot to yell, “Goodbye, Kyle!” Plus Teddi Mellencamp delivers a pretty robust version of the mantra. Richards even gets her daughters involved with a “Goodnight, mom!”

Also, Erika Girardi and glam squad post their own “Goodbye, Kyle” video to Instagram too. “I. Am. Dead,” Richards wrote. Sylvester is also cracking up at all the videos. “I’ve watched this 9x and I’m about to make it 10.”

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Pretty Mess Krewe with the #goodbyekyle challenge.

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But some fans aren’t taking this move lightly. “The #GoodbyeKyle lame challenge the cast is trying to trend, is so pathetic & cringe worthy. Please someone, make it stop,” one person posted to Twitter. Another person remarked, “Wait I dont get it, is making fun of ken supposed to be funny??? …. cuz its not.” Others have called it bullying and some wrote that they were now finished with RHOBH after viewing the videos.

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