Google Reveals Which 10 TV Shows Were the Most Searched for 2019

Google knows everything. The company is a monolith in digital search and is the go-to source for most of us who want to know something and it’s the reason why we use Google as a verb in an age where information is power. With that in mind, it’s always interesting to pluck it apart to discover which things are the most popular in terms of everyday search trends. In this case, it’s the television shows of 2019.

Which shows ruled the search bar and before, during, and after their season(s)? Of course, Google knows the answer. Fans will be amused to find that millions of other people have the same interests. Here’s a look at the top 10 most-searched shows in the United States on the search engine.

Aidan Gallagher at 'Umbrella Academy' screening
Aidan Gallagher at ‘Umbrella Academy’ screening| Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

1. ‘Game of Thrones’

It should come as no surprise that the medieval fantasy series claims number one for the entire year. Between the build-up to season eight, cups and water bottles in scenes, Daenerys’ flip, and the season eight letdown, there was much to discuss and research. Game of Thrones fever is likely to continue into 2020 as fans discuss theories and spinoffs.

2. ‘Stranger Things’

Although season three of Stranger Things was released in July to coincide with the series’ 4th of July theme, nothing could stop the Netflix favorite from taking over national and international Google searches for 2019. Blame it on the long hiatus between seasons and the cliffhanger ending that has everyone wondering about Hopper.

3. ‘When They See Us’

Ava DuVernay’s series about the Central Park jogger case and the five young men convicted—and exonerated—of the crime comes in at third place. It was one of Netflix’s most-streamed shows for 2019 and viewers unfamiliar with the case certainly wanted to learn more about the background of it. The series also struck gold at this year’s Emmy Awards.

4. ‘Chernobyl’

HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries based on the real-life historical disaster captivated audiences with its fictionalized account of what happened at that power plant. So much so that viewers wanted to compare what’s seen in the show to the true story.

5. ‘The Mandalorian’

Disney+ has only been live for a little over one month and The Mandalorian is a legit hit with fans. Before the platform launched, Star Wars lovers were eager to see what the show would entail, and now that it’s here, The Mandalorian has spawned Baby Yoda memes and merch, discussion threads on social media, and a new generation of Star Wars fans. Google has definitely helped with that.

6. ‘The Umbrella Academy’

In case you missed this one on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy dropped its first season in February 2019 and the comic-based series was another streaming hit for the platform. Fans want to know more, including if and when season two is coming.

7. ‘Euphoria’

HBO’s teen drama was the center of a lot of controversy, debates, and praise for its depiction of modern high school life during its first season run this summer.

Euphoria touches on heavy themes such as drug use, sexual violence, depression, and much, much more, and the cast (and soundtrack) delivers. We can only imagine what people were googling for this one.

8. ‘Dead to Me’

Netflix’s dark dramedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini arrived on the steamer in May 2019 but its storyline certainly had viewers talking and asking questions—through the medium of Google. Now the reigning question is when can we expect season two and what will the estranged friends do about Steve?

9. ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

When this documentary aired on Lifetime, it created a whirlwind of media discussion and renewed public scrutiny of R. Kelly’s behavior, his victims, and business associates. All the attention eventually led to multiple charges being filed against the embattled singer, and interest in his court cases, family, and “girlfriends.”

Google is keeping everyone up to date, and now that a part two is coming, the searches will probably roll into 2020.

10. ‘The Boys’

The Eric Kripke series that turns the superhero saga on its masked head is gory, graphic, and full of jaw-dropping moments. All of those elements contribute to interest in The Boys, which became a hit for Amazon with its first season. Season two is on its way.