Gordon Ramsay Will Eat a Beating Cobra Heart Before Touching This 1 Vegetable

Like so many other celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay has quite an adventurous palate. The MasterChef host may be outspoken and full of negative opinions, but at heart, he does love enjoying a high-quality meal from a worthy cook.

And it’s not all 5-star restaurants and caviar all the time. Chef Ramsay likes to chow down on totally normal foods like the rest of us and admits to having a few guilty pleasures when he wants to indulge. But as expected, there are a few things that Ramsay wouldn’t even consider putting in his mouth.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay | Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay keeps it simple for breakfast

What exactly is Ramsay eating in a day? It’s a lot less fancy than you’d think. Instead of preparing an elaborate breakfast, he keeps life simple by opting for regular old oatmeal.

“Everyone thinks I have a glamorous breakfast, like a full English or eggs Benedict. I keep it simple, because it reminds me of my mum,” Ramsay said during a Reddit AMA. “So… porridge, which is oatmeal. But growing up in Stratford-Upon-Avon, we kept it very simple, just oatmeal with water, salt, and oatmeal, because my dad said it would ‘put hair on your bollocks!'”

He grazes for lunch and dinner

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay | Bryn Colton/Getty Images

If you’ve ever filled up on free samples while shopping at your local Costco, then you can understand why Ramsay often skips doing a formal sit-down lunch. This busy chef is often trying so many different foods in the kitchen that he rarely eats a true meal.

When asked about his lunch habits during the Reddit AMA, Ramsay said, “It’s very hard for me to enjoy a full meal, because I taste every 2 minutes in the kitchen. I’m not very good at sitting down for 3 hours to enjoy a meal.”

There’s one vegetable Ramsay would never touch

Ramsay has adventurous tastes, but he also has very solid opinions when it comes to picking what not to eat. During the Reddit AMA, he explained his reasoning.

“I think, being a chef, the first thing that I set out to do was to make sure that I almost got to taste every ingredient anywhere in the world… So I’m an open book. Whether it’s a beating cobra heart from a snake in Cambodia, or a deep-fried tarantula, or a beef Wellington, I’ll eat absolutely anything.”

However, this is the one vegetable he won’t touch. “The only thing I draw the line at is eating overcooked food. There is NOTHING worse than an overcooked Brussels sprout. The smell is disgusting,” Ramsay said.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay | Gerry Penny/AFP via Getty Images

There are other foods he hates, too

It’s not just overcooked Brussels sprouts bearing the weight of chef Ramsay’s wrath. He also went on record saying how much he can’t stand culinary foams, truffle oil, Wagyu beef, airplane food, and pineapple on pizza.

“You don’t put f**king pineapple on pizza,” he said while hosting The Nightly Show. Later, he elaborated further on his feelings, saying: “No offense to Canadians, but it’s like eating moose turds.”