Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite American Food Might Surprise You

Gordon Ramsay is an international chef and restaurateur best known for his “no holds barred” attitude. He’s torn numerous chefs and hotel owners apart. Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Hotel Hell are just a few projects where you can catch the hardcore chef dishing out his useful commentary, as harsh as it might be. 

With such a refined palate, some might wonder what exactly Ramsay likes to chow down on. After all, the man has probably had just as many dishes as the late Food Network superstar, Anthony Bourdain. 

How did Gordon Ramsay become famous?

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Ramsay’s palate didn’t just appear out of nowhere; he worked rather hard to acquire it. Even so, his path to becoming a world renown foodie is different than most would expect. Initially, the MasterChef host wanted to become a professional soccer player. Sadly, a teenage Ramsay’s dreams ended in tragedy. Ultimately, he had to find a new life meaning. 

Back in school, Ramsay “accidentally” made his way into hotel management. The cooking and catering path, however, ended up being a perfect match for the blooming chef.

He ended up studying under top-notch names like Albert Roux, Guy Savoy, and Marco Pierre WhiteRamsay climbed his way up the food pyramid, opening restaurants and creating a name for himself. Recognizing for his raw talent, Channel 4 offered him the chance to be the star of his own TV show — the real start to his career. 

Ramsay excels in more than just television 

Many know Ramsay because they’ve seen his face all over TV, but he’s also had quite a few restaurants under his name. Out of the roughly 50 restaurants, Ramsay has closed 29 of them or one reason or another. That isn’t to say he isn’t succeeding at his craft though. 

Currently listed on Ramsey’s official website are a plethora of eateries stationed all over the world. There are Bread Street Kitchen’s available in London, Singapore, and Dubai. London House in London and Hong Kong. Almost anywhere you go, you’ll be able to eat at an official Ramsay restaurant.

While he’s set up shop anywhere and everywhere, his favorite locale (outside of his home country) is looking to Las Vegas. In the sinful city, Ramsay has built five restaurants — Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Gordon Ramsay Steak, and most recently Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. This is the restaurant’s second locale, the first being in beautiful Dubai!

Ramsay’s newest venture

As if opening restaurant after restaurant and successfully leading several hit shows wasn’t enough, Ramsay has another project on the table. The Food Network star recently got the go-ahead to add yet another cooking show to his lineup — Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. Ramsay will be leaving the kitchen behind to go on some global culinary adventures.

Business Wire reports that each episode follows a rather exciting itinerary. One, Ramsay takes viewers on a journey to discover the culinary secrets of the region with the help of local foodies. Two, Ramsay searches for customs and traditions unique to the location. Three, in true Ramsay fashion, a cook-off against the natives will ensue.

The show aired its first episodes on June 21 and its second on June 28. Fans can tune in to see the next chapter on National Geographic. 

So, what’s Ramsay’s’ favorite American dish anyway?

Ramsay might be flying all over the globe, expanding his palate and his culinary finesse, but let’s get back to basics. What is this great chef’s favorite American cuisine?

The man with dozens of restaurants, hit television shows, and an insanely impressive net worth, surprising has rather simple taste. His favorite American dish is a Southern staple — grits. This is a far cry from the fancy dishes fans see pictures in his establishments!

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Ramsay reminisces about the time he cooked for Vladimir Putin before Colbert ask him what he wishes was readily available in the UK. Luckily for him, the talk show hails from the South and was able to whip up some grits for him right there and then.

Well not real grits, a photo of his homemade grits. Sadly, Colbert missed the mark, but it at least put a smile on Ramsay’s face!