‘Gossip Girl’: The Real Reason Leighton Meister Won’t be in the Reboot

If you haven’t already heard, Gossip Girl is coming back. The show that captivated audiences and kept them on their toes is getting a reboot.

The series, which originally ran from 2007 to 2012, followed the drama of super-rich kids in New York City who had their lives and secrets broadcast on a gossip blog. Though we already know who “Gossip Girl” was (we won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t made it all the way through the original series) there is apparently still a lot left to the story.

What’s the reboot about?

The show, which was originally based on a book by Cecily von Ziegesar, will be back on screens soon, but this time it will air on HBO Max. The network has already ordered 10 hour-long episodes according to reports from Deadline.

Details about the plot of the reboot have not been released yet. All that is known is that the show will pick up eight years after the Gossip Girl website went down. Now, another group of kids at an Upper East Side private school will have to deal with a new Gossip Girl.

“The prestige series will address just how much social media—and the landscape of New York itself—has changed in the intervening years,” a release for the show stated.

Though the story will follow a new crowd of kids, the reboot will be written by the show’s original creator so, hopefully, the aspects of it that we all knew and loved will remain the same.

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Who is coming back to the show?

One of the best parts of the teen drama was the characters. Though they were all extremely flawed, audiences couldn’t help but love them. They were human and relatable.

Not many members of the original cast have commented on whether or not they will be returning for the reboot. But there is one person who certainly won’t be back. And that’s Leighton Meester.

Why Meester won’t be returning to ‘Gossip Girl’

Meester revealed to Good Morning America at ABC’s TCA press tour that she wouldn’t be reprising her role as Blair Waldorf.

“I was not asked to be on it, so no,” she told fans who asked about the new show.

What is Meester doing now?

Meester may not have been asked back to Gossip Girl but that doesn’t mean that the actress isn’t working.

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She is currently starring in Single Parents and raising a four-year-old daughter.

“It’s the hardest [to balance things] … but we [at “Single Parents”] have the best jobs to be parents,” she said. “There’s a lot of working and a lot of hours away from our families, but then you have a bunch of time off and you also get compensated very well for the job that you do. I feel like I just get to go and be a kid and have fun all day at work and laugh and joke. And it’s amazing.”

Looks like we are more likely to see Meester at the playground these days than galavanting around the Upper East Side.