‘Gotham’: Cast Reveals a New Team Being Introduced in Season 4

Gotham is still warming up in its fourth season. While it looks like Scarecrow is still going to play a huge part in the show, he’s not the only villain that is interested in getting revenge this season. The cast did a panel at the 2017 Tribeca TV Festival, where cast members revealed the Sirens are slowly going to form this season.

The Gotham City Sirens include Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Not all of our characters have quite come into their own and certainly don’t refer to themselves as those names yet. But they are going to team up this season to fight back against Oswald Cobblepot’s power over Gotham.

So what is their plan? Here are seven things we know about the Sirens and this season — including an exclusive hint from Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin himself, to The Cheat Sheet about his character’s plan.

1. Barbara is back and the ladies are teaming up to create the Sirens

Barbara holds up her hands while wearing a Burgundy coat

Barbara will be back in Season 4. | Fox

Season 3 left off with Barbara seemingly killed by Tabitha. But in true Gotham fashion, she is back and ready to join the fight again. This time, however, she is asking fellow ladies like Selina, Tabitha, and maybe even Ivy to join her,  following the story of the Gotham City Sirens.

This storyline took star Jessica Lucas by surprise. “I didn’t know they were going to introduce the Sirens and have her be a part of that either,” Lucas said during the panel. “And that’s been so fun to play. But whenever you have two strong females playing off one another — that was a gift I wasn’t expecting.”

2. Tabitha and Barbara’s feud still isn’t over yet

Tabitha looks up while sitting in front of a window

Tabitha and Barbara have some issues to work out. | Fox

Last season, the two characters literally came to blows once it came out that Barbara may have killed Butch. So it’s not surprising that they still have some differences to work out. Lucas was asked if Tabitha is able to trust Barbara yet. She responded:

No. I don’t think so. I think that’s going to take some time to earn that trust back coming from where we did last season. I think Tabitha is smart enough to know you need allies in Gotham to survive so she’s been put in a position where she doesn’t really have much of a choice. And she also still has feelings for Barbara deep down and that’s playing into it as well.

3. Ivy and Penguin might be torn apart this season

Ivy stands in green pants and a black top

Ivy and Penguin may be torn apart this season. | FOX

Ivy has been at Penguin’s side for quite some time, but that might change given the transformation she’s set to take this season. So how will this affect her relationship with the criminal leader?

“I like the dynamic between Ivy and Penguin in a sense that she’s innocent and you know, light,” Taylor said during the panel. “It’s comedically, it’s really fun. But I think this is another lesson that I feel Penguin is going to learn eventually is that — he makes this mistake often — in that he underestimates his enemies and he underestimated her.”

4. Barbara is getting some new fight training this season

Barbara calling someone on the phone.

Barbara will be getting stronger and stronger. | Fox

Selina is not the only character that is training to fight and wield weapons. Barbara is also getting some training this season.

“So I get trained while I’m going through my kind of ‘dead back to life’ period,” revealed actress Erin Richards during the panel. The training will fall under martial arts and will be from an expert.

5. Barbara’s transformation is on ice

Barbara sitting and flipping through a book while sitting in a jail cell.

Barbara’s future is uncertain, but there’s still plenty in store for her. | Giphy

There were talks that Barbara will transform into a new character, but when asked if that was still the plan, executive producer Danny Cannon said that is being pushed back. “Never say never on this show,” said Cannon. “I would definitely say … I just think the transformation that she’s gone through and the evil alliance she has with somebody can lead many different places.”

He then continued, “We didn’t steer away from it completely. It’s on ice.”

6. Robin Lord Taylor says those licenses aren’t foolproof

Robin Lord Taylor in 'Gotham' sitting in a limo.

Penguin has an evil plan in Season 4. |  Fox

Season 4 of the show kicked off with licenses for crime being given to criminals throughout Gotham. This means a lot of them won’t have any consequences for illegal activity going forward.

But does even Oswald have a limit to how far he’ll let things go?  “I think definitely,” Taylor told The Cheat Sheet. “It’s monetary for him. Of course horrible crimes you know where people are being abused or anything — I think he has absolutely nothing to do with that kind of stuff. It’s literally just crime for profit sake only.”

It looks like the licenses are working so far. In the beginning of this new season, it’s said that crime is actually down since the licenses were created.

We also see on the licenses themselves that “smuggle, loot, rob, murder, blackmail, grand theft, larceny, embezzlement, kidnapping, and arson” are possible crimes that can be excused. One that is notably left off the list is rape, which Oswald has previously made clear he would never do.

7. Jerome will be back this season

Jerome smiling and sticking out his hands.

Jerome | Fox

When asked by a fan if Jerome will come back, there was a lot of hesitation. But executive producer Danny Cannon finally gave us the answer we were hoping for: “Yes.”

So if you’re a fan of the psychopath murderer, then you’ll have to keep watching to see his return.

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