‘Gotham’: Cory Michael Smith Reveals The Riddler Won’t Have Tattoos in Season 5

Cory Michael Smith as Nygma in Gotham

Gotham | FOX

Gotham is coming back for its last season, and it is sure to be explosive. The show left off with Gotham City being completely isolated leaving its villains to overpower the police and the city. That followed the comic-book plot of No Man’s Land and this new season will follow Zero Year. 

There were previous reports that this will mean The Riddler will get a new look, but that might not exactly be the case. The Cheat Sheet talked to Cory Michael Smith and the rest of the cast of Gotham at the Paley Center on Dec. 13. This is what he had to say about the claim that The Riddler will get tattoos this season.

It was previously reported that The Riddler would be covered at tattoos at the beginning of Season 5

Executive producer John Stephens talked about how adapting Zero Year will lead to more Nygma this season. “There’s gonna be a little bit of Zero Year in there, you know as well. [You know] some of that stuff, especially with [Ed] Nygma. And there’s another one but if I tell you what it is it really does spoil the story,” he said according to Digital Spy.

Some fans might have expected a new look on The Riddler for the new season. That’s because it was previously reported that Stephens claimed the character would come back into Season 5 with a harder look and all sort of problems after being resurrected.

He reportedly said Nyma will be “living in the public library, surrounded by books, mumbling to himself, totally naked and covered in tattooed riddles,” according to We Got This Covered. But will that actually be the case?

Cory Michael Smith said Nygma won’t be getting tattoos in the new season of Gotham

Barbara and Nygma in Gotham

Gotham | FOX

Nygma at the beginning of Season 5 will be struggling with waking up in different places and having no memory of why. He will be struggling to figure out what’s going on with him. When asked about his new tattooed look, Cory Michael Smith told The Cheat Sheet that won’t actually be the case for his character.

“I don’t have tattoos,” said the Nyma actor. “I read that too. I think it was John Stephens, who is here, who said in an interview that I’m like in the library tatted up, naked, and I was like ‘what show is he talking about because the only thing there that’s accurate is that I’m in a library.’”

But he continued to say that there were some things physically done to his character to get his new state across. “I don’t have tattoos but they did print as if I’ve been sleeping on books,” he added.

However, he did tease that there will be a “glow up” for a lot of villains this season given they have taken over the city. Some of the promotional photos have already hinted this, but it doesn’t look like tattoos are any part of that transformation. Season 5 of Gotham airs Jan. 3 at 8/7c on FOX.

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