‘Gotham’: How Robin Lord Taylor Finally Transforms into the Penguin

Penguin in Gotham

Penguin in Gotham | Fox

Season 5 of Gotham is the end of the prequel show. That means a lot of the characters will hopefully be fully realized as their DC personas by the end of the season. The Cheat Sheet talked to Robin Lord Taylor and the rest of the Gotham cast at the Paley Center on Dec. 13. This is what he had to say about his final transformation into the Penguin.

Robin Lord Taylor wore a fat suit to transform into the Penguin on Gotham

Robin Lord Taylor in Gotham

Robin Lord Taylor in Gotham | Fox

Oswald Cobblepot is probably one of the Gotham characters that looked closer to his comic book character before the end of the show. The big reason for that is part of how he had to walk. But Robin Lord Taylor still had a lot of work ahead of him in order to make the final transformation.

“I get a fat suit,” the actor told The Cheat Sheet. “I got the top hat, I got the tie, I got the monocle. Yeah, the umbrella the whole thing. That was so nice because you know we always felt very legitimate with inhabiting those characters but then at the same time getting the opportunity to physically embody the Penguin the way it was initially designed was just an amazing dream. I’m so grateful.”

When asked if it took him much longer to put on his costume than usual he answered, “It took a little bit longer and also I learned when you have a giant gut it’s really hard to tie shoes [laughs.]” He then added, “Yeah, someone else had to do it for me.”

Taylor said the Gotham character has its own twists


Gotham | Fox

Although Taylor said there will be many recognizable aspects of the character he did say there are things unique about it from other iterations.

I can’t spoil anything specific,” he teased according to Screen Rant “but definitely there are parts of the traditional iconography of the Penguin that are coming into play this year. We’ve done everything else with this character it has its own unique twists and it’s also earned and everything makes sense this character is turning into the traditional Penguin that we all know and so we see it visually as well as emotionally.”

There are many other characters that will be getting their own transformations in the final season of Gotham. But one thing that will stay the same is that many of them will be fighting for control over Gotham City. Two characters that are facing off is Oswald Cobblepot and Barbara (Erin Richards.)

The two characters might be out to kill each other, but Taylor thinks they have a lot in common. “I think they’re actually very, very similar and that’s why in order to control there can only be one. And I think they both have shown themselves to be willing to do absolutely anything to achieve that,” Taylor told The Cheat Sheet. “I think Barabara is really one of the most formidable enemies of Oswald and Cobblepot.”

Fans will have to wait and see how that dynamic will play out in the last season and what Robin Lord Taylor will look like as the Penguin.

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