Grace Hightower: How Much is Robert De Niro’s Wife Worth?

You might know the name Grace Hightower for a couple of reasons. As an actress, producer, and philanthropist, she makes headlines on her own. Plus, she was married to legendary Hollywood actor and mafia movie star Robert De Niro (she was the A-list actor’s second wife) for more than two decades before they split in November 2018. Knowing that she was married to De Niro got us wondering: What is Grace Hightower’s net worth, what does she do, and what has she acted in? Let’s find out.

What does Grace Hightower do for a living?

Grace Hightower in 2001.

Grace Hightower has worked a lot of jobs in her life. | George De Sota/Getty Images

Actually, the question isn’t what does Grace Hightower do for a living; it’s what doesn’t she do. She’s poked her irons into several fires over the years.

  • Hightower was part of the jet set even before she even met De Niro. That’s because she worked as a TWA flight attendant for years. The Mississippi native eventually put down roots in Paris.
  • After her stint as a flight attendant, Hightower was a hostess at the London restaurant Mr. Chow. That’s where she met her future husband in 1987. She didn’t know who De Niro was when she met him, according to Heavy.
  • As part of her philanthropy work, she started her own coffee company. Coffee of Grace focuses on environmentally friendly fair-trade coffee from Rwanda. Grace Hightower coffee is the only java she drinks, according to Martha Stewart Living.
  • Hightower also served on several executive boards, including the New York Women’s Foundation, New York Fund for Public Schools, Women’s Heart Health Advisory Council, and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

What has she acted in?

Being a flight attendant, restaurant hostess, coffee entrepreneur, and philanthropist are just a few bullet points on Grace Hightower’s resume. She’s also dabbled in acting, and though her list of roles isn’t extensive, she’s had some well-known parts:

  • Her first on-screen role came in 1994 when she played E.S.U. Woman in an episode of N.Y.P.D. Blue.
  • Then, she had a bit part in 1997’s low-budget movie Brotherhood.
  • Next, Grace Hightower played a social worker in the 2009 Oscar-winning movie Precious. She also sang the song “Somethin’s Comin’ My Way” on the soundtrack.
  • She shared the screen with Zac Effron, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, and John Cusack in 2012’s The Paperboy.
  • Hightower’s most recent acting role was in Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin, according to IMDb.

What is Grace Hightower’s net worth?

Grace Hightower in 2017, when she was still married to Robert De Niro.

Grace Hightower’s net worth reaches eight figures. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

All those eclectic jobs and her show business work have helped Grace Hightower’s net worth. Celebrity Net Worth estimates her fortune at $16 million. That’s not bad for someone who was born poor in Mississippi in 1955 and started her career as a flight attendant and restaurant hostess.

How long was Grace Hightower married to Robert De Niro?

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro enjoyed a long-lasting relationship. | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

There are plenty of celebrity marriages that lasted less than one year, but Grace Hightower’s marriage to Robert De Niro wasn’t one of those. In fact, it was one of the longest-lasting celebrity relationships around.

As we mentioned earlier, Hightower and De Niro met in 1987, but they didn’t rush their relationship. They dated for a decade before getting married in 1997. When they split up in November 2018, they had been married for 21 years.

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