‘Grand Isle’: What Will Nicolas Cage’s Next Movie Be Like?

Nicolas Cage at the Egyptian Theatre on September 11, 2018 in Hollywood, California. | Getty Images

You just never know what you’re going to get from a Nicolas Cage movie. Early in his career, you might see an over-the-top performance as a vampire, or a drifter who had always had terrible luck with the law.

After he became a superstar capable of blowing $150 million, his choices became slightly more predictable. (Action fare was typically on the menu.) But things have changed in recent years for the actor, who’s begun establishing a reputation as something of a bankable star again.

In 2019, audiences will see Cage in a new film from a director who’s worked with Clint Eastwood in the past. Here’s what to expect from this picture — a thriller called Grand Isle.

A role Cage can seek his teeth into

What’s a Nic Cage film without the chance to see an unhinged performance? To the producers of Grand Isle, that never seemed to be an option. All signs point to a Cage role to remember.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage will play an ex-Marine living with his attractive wife on a secluded island in Louisiana. Cage’s character is known for his love of guns and quick trigger-finger. When he shoots up a fence in an altercation outside his home and needs a repairman, he turns to Luke Benward (Still the King).

Something may happen between the handyman and Cage’s wife, because what follows involves “greed, sex, violence and unspeakable discoveries,” THR reported. If that doesn’t get Nic Cage fans fired up for this film, we don’t know what will.

Kelsey Grammar and KaDee Strickland aboard as well

Nicolas Cage of ‘Mandy’ The IMDb Show on Location at The Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2018 in Park City, Utah. | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Cage isn’t the only star in Grand Isle. THR reported that Kelsey Grammer is also aboard. Grammer, famous for his Frasier role and also the excellent Last Tycoon recently on Amazon, will play a detective investigating Cage at home after the wild events of the evening. KaDee Strickland of The Grudge and other films plays the wife of Cage’s character.

Behind the scenes, Grand Isle will feature Stephen S. Campanelli as director. Campanelli, who worked as cinematographer on Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River, has three directorial credits under his belt.

For Cage fans, the opportunity for several freak-out scenes has to be appealing, but so does the prospect of scenes with Grammer. The two have never appeared in a production together.

Grammer’s studio head in Last Tycoon was ruthless and not quite loved by his family. We’ll see if he brings that same intensity to the role of a detective investigating Cage.

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