‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane’s Twitter Interaction Is the Reunion We Didn’t Know We Needed

After over a decade of phenomenal characters and heartwrenching storylines, it’s only natural for Grey’s Anatomy fans to frequently wonder what happened to former cast members. Most venture onto other extraordinary projects, such as Sandra Oh on Killing Eve or Chyler Leigh on Supergirl. But it’s always nice to see the Shondaland family connect with one another after all this time. Recently, Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane interacted on Twitter. And of course, fans on the social media platform exploded with excitement.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stars Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane interact on Twitter

On Nov. 7, Dane, who played Mark Sloan — aka McSteamy — until season 9, posted a photo. And of course, the pic seared into the eyes of Grey’s Anatomy and Euphoria fans alike.

“Good morning?” the actor captioned the pic.

And in an unexpected turn of events, Pompeo, who currently plays Meredith Grey, replied to Dane’s tweet. “What’s up playa?????” she wrote with a heart and kiss emoji.

Then in response to Pompeo’s message, one fan referenced the “Dirty Mistresses Club,” which Meredith and Mark “bonded” over in season 3. Pompeo answered with a few 100 percent emojis and joked, “He went underground though?? #wheresdane? Lol.”

Meanwhile, Dane reacted with a simple message. “Hey girl,” he wrote.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans react to Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane’s Twitter exchange

Ellen Pompeo at GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals
Ellen Pompeo | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Now, given the presence Grey’s Anatomy has after 14 years, fans did not let Pompeo and Dane’s interaction go unnoticed. Following the tweets by the former co-stars, fans freaked out on Twitter.

“[Dane] and [Pompeo] tweeting each other and I’m going to need someone to call Cardio,” one fan wrote.

“This everything I didn’t know I needed today…AND MORE,” another fan wrote. “I always loved McDreamy but McSteamy WAS THE BABE.”

Meanwhile, other fans were quick to page Patrick Dempsey, who played Derek Shepherd. “I really need [Dempsey] to respond to this,” a Twitter user wrote.

And of course, many Grey’s Anatomy viewers hoped the social media interaction could lead to Dane’s cameo on the ABC drama. “PRAYER CIRCLE: OG GREY’S CAST REUNION,” one user wrote.

However, a few fans noted there is one major reason why Dane can’t return to Grey’s Anatomy as Mark — he’s dead.

“Seeing these tweeted between ellen pompeo and eric dane got me excited thinking ‘oh maybe he’ll comeback to the show’ until i realized……… his characters dead,” a fan explained.

“This whole Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane tweeting at each other had me like omg is he going to make a guest appearance,” another fan wrote with a sad-face emoji. “My heart just broke again.”

Ellen Pompeo sets the record straight about Eric Dane

Following Pompeo and Dane’s Twitter exchange, many outlets wrote up pieces in regards to the mini-Grey’s Anatomy reunion on social media. However, some chose to see Pompeo’s tweets as flirting, rather than an interaction among friends.

“Trying to figure out if this is corny or sexist or just salacious,” Pompeo wrote in response to an article by Entertainment Tonight. “For the record this guy … [Dane] I adore …but it’s interesting if women say hi or just send kiss emoji to someone they love like a brother why is it labeled flirting? Just made me think that’s all.”

And most fans appeared to come in defense of the Grey’s Anatomy lead.

“People read too much into everything and saying it was flirty is seriously them doing too much,” one viewer explained. “You were just saying hi to an old friend.”

Quite frankly, Pompeo has the right to call people out for trying to label her exchange with Dane as flirting. She simply said hello to an old friend, and her language and use of emojis were no different from how she typically interacts with others on social media.

Regardless, fans are still happy about the Twitter reunion between Dane and Pompeo. And although McSteamy’s return seems unlikely, maybe this will lead to a ghostly comeback sometime in the future. Who knows? This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all. And anything could happen.

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