‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are Begging for a Mid-Season Genre Reboot After This One ‘Friends’-Esque Video Clip Goes Viral

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been through it all. They are currently on a winter hiatus until the show returns Jan. 23, 2020, so they are coming up with some very unique ideas in the interim. ABC’s critically acclaimed show is now in its 16th season. Let’s check out what happened last and why fans are begging for a midseason genre reboot. Warning: Season 16 Spoilers

Chandra Wilson and Debbie Allen
Chandra Wilson and Debbie Allen | Jessica Brooks via Getty Images

The fall finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ended with 5 dramatically shocking moments

Although fans should expect something devastating to happen during any finale, it still always comes as a surprise. The season 16 fall finale was no different. There were a total of five shocking moments in the episode. Let’s do a quick recap.

First, Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) became a Safe Haven volunteer for babies who are dropped off at fire stations. Instead of turning the baby over to a social worker, Jo goes rogue and tries to keep the baby. She has not even told Alex (Justin Chambers), yet. 

Next, poor Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has a miscarriage at 20 weeks. She and Ben (Jason Winston George) are devastated. Later, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) performs valve replacement surgery that should be relatively easy for her. However, the young man—who has a brand new baby in the NICU—dies on the table. For shocker number three, Maggie promptly quits following the death.

For a more light-hearted shock, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) sends Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) a package in the form of a hot new surgeon—who is also a widow.

Then we have another downer—Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) finds out that she is 24 weeks pregnant, not 20 weeks. This news means that—oops—her baby could now be Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) instead of Link’s (Chris Carmack) kid. It was one jaw-dropping moment after another. 

The number of catastrophic events in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episodes is getting ridiculous

Let’s make that six—we forgot one more major shock from the season 16 fall finale. Just when we thought things were about to wrap up at Joe’s bar, a car comes crashing through the underground establishment. Debris flies everywhere, and we know injuries and deaths are to follow.

There are so many disasters in the past 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy that there are entire articles devoted to ranking these disasters by how devastating they are. Fans suffered through car crashes, killing major characters, a plane crash, a bus crash, a train crash, and a sinkhole. 

Don’t forget the active shooter, two explosions in the hospital, the earthquake, the ferry crash, the ambulance crash, and the insane superstorm that ripped through Grey-Sloan. It’s no wonder fans got excited about a more mild—some might even say more realistic—form of Grey’s Anatomy.

Why are ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans talking about changing the genre of the show?

One fan posted a video clip on Instagram portraying viewers’ favorite Grey’s Anatomy characters featured in a theme song to a sitcom. The intro credits were complete with each character’s name and fun, happy moments from the past. The music is the theme song to the Disney show, The Suite Life on Deck.

“I want to watch this show,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “Can we do a midseason genre reboot?”

An abundance of viewers replied in agreement. They would love to see Grey’s Anatomy with more laughs.

“I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes,” wrote one Redditor about her reaction to the video. “Thank you for posting.”

With all of the devastation in every season getting progressively worse, fans rejoiced over a reboot that would make them laugh instead of cry. From the looks of the promo for Grey’s Anatomy‘s midseason return on Jan. 23, 2020, fans will not be getting what they want this time.