‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Don’t Like How the Show has Become a ‘Rom-Com’

Grey’s Anatomy is one of TV’s longest-running dramas. The medical drama takes place at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital and focuses on the lives of the doctors who work there.

Through the years, the show has seen many changes, including the departure of stars that many the show a hit.

But while these changes had a big impact on fans, Grey’s Anatomy remained a medical drama at its core. In March of this year, ABC announced that the hit show would be sticking around for at least two more seasons, exciting loyal viewers.

But while the announcement was good news for some, some fans are wondering whether or not this is still the same Grey’s they fell in love with years ago. 

How long has ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ been on the air?

Jake Borelli on Grey's Anatomy
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It seems like just yesterday we saw fresh-faced Meredith Grey meet a dreamy Dr. Derek Shepard at Joe’s bar. But in fact, the popular ABC drama has been around for over a decade. It all began with “A Hard Day’s Night” which aired March 27, 2005.

Fans immediately fell in love with Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and the rest of the young new interns at then Seattle Grace. 

The show just completed its 15th season, officially making it the longest medical drama in history, beating out another fan-favorite, ER. With the news of two more seasons, Grey’s will officially make it to season 17.

Will it make it to season 20? If it does, will originals Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. stick around to the end?

The show has said goodbye to several cast members along the way

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As we mentioned earlier, there have been plenty of goodbyes on Grey’s Anatomy. It all started with the heartbreaking death of repeat intern, George O’Malley. After that, the departures kept coming. Within a few year’s time, fans had to let go of Preston Burke, Izzie Stevens, Mark Sloan, and Lexie Grey. 

But the most devastating losses were still to come. Sandra Oh, who plays the strong-willed Cristina Yang filmed her final appearance in 2014, and the man we thought would give Meredith her happily ever after, Dr. McDreamy himself, died at the end of season 11.

It’s no surprise fans are wondering whether the remaining regulars will make it to the end. 

Other changes have given the show a different feel

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Fans have noted that it’s not just casting changes that have changed Grey’s – it’s the storylines and change of focus. Fans fell in love with the show because of the characters, but also because of the medical element. In the beginning, the show regularly featured interesting medical cases.

There were cases where passengers were impaled on a train, teenagers were encased in cement, and who can forget Isaac’s tumor that led to the infamous tumor drawing on the bedroom wall. 

But lately, things have been different. Fans on Reddit have noticed that the show feels more like a romantic comedy than a medical drama. Where Meredith Grey once fought to get in the operating room, now her focus is on her new boyfriend and staying out of jail.

And then there’s her sister-in-law, Amelia. Once one of the foremost neurosurgeons, her storyline now focuses on her romantic entanglements and growing family. And let’s not get started on how Chief Miranda Bailey almost never performs any surgeries.

Sure, it’s natural for shows to go through changes. The surgeons have grown up and created lives for themselves. But we have to wonder if these fans are right. Has the show strayed too far? If so will it affect the show? The show has been renewed for two more seasons, but you can’t help but wonder whether season 17 will be the last.