‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Fans Hope This Couple Ends Up Together In Season 16

Your humble writer recently found out that many people still care about Grey’s Anatomy, after some equal derision and support for an article about the Maggie/Jackson romance. I’ve learned that if you’re going to dissect the show to do it with respect for the characters since the show does focus on inclusion and still sets precedents for future TV.

Despite Grey’s being an aging show, the evolving relationships continue to be interesting if still creating plenty of debate on social media. If we’ve covered some of the romances that don’t quite have the chemistry we’d hope for, it’s time to look at some of the characters we think should be couples.

One good example is Amelia and Link, a potential romance with more than a flicker of hope.

The romantic and tragic trajectory of Amelia Shepherd

Grey’s Anatomy | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Mitch Haaseth

As the youngest sister of the late Dr. Derek Shepherd, Amelia has truly gone through several life obstacle courses. She’s also one of the few characters continuing with Grey’s after starting on Private Practice.

When she crossed over to Grey’s later, the writers set it up so she’d go through more life tragedies, but ultimately finding some fulfilling romantic relationships along the way.

We’ve seen Amelia go through alcoholism, losing two friends to suicide, severe drug addiction, plus losing her brother as just starters. Then she also lost a baby that was born through a relationship with a man named Ryan who also died.

All of this happened on Private Practice alone, then calmed a tad when joining Grey’s. One positive development was she was able to take her late brother’s neurosurgeon position at Grey-Sloan Hospital. Later, she found a budding romance with Owen Hunt who she later marries.

Fans know how turbulent this marriage ultimately ended up being. In the end, she and Owen split, and Amelia went through yet another health crisis with a benign brain tumor. Some light, though, seems to be on the horizon.

Viewers just want Amelia to have a break

It’s been a few years since Amelia’s split with Owen and becoming a foster mom to a baby her former husband adopted. Fans just want her to have some kind of personal happiness when you add everything up.

After numerous aliases calling her everything from The Junkie to Hurricane Amelia, it’s time to put away those derogatory names and give her something to cheer about.

The Grey’s writing team seem to have listened to fan gripes and now have her delving into a new romance with Atticus Lincoln, aka “Link.” He’s the head of orthopedic surgery at the hospital and managed to click with Amelia last season.

Even the actors who play these characters (Caterina Scorsone and Chris Carmack, respectively) have been surprised at the directions the writers went in nurturing a new romance. Chemistry between these characters can’t be denied, including bringing a needed transparency with one another.

A lot of fans love the honesty between Amelia and Link, which is something she could never muster with Owen. When it comes to the writing at Grey’s, though, we still wonder if they’ll pull the rug out from under Amelia again.

There’s always a character that ends up being the brunt of bad luck

You can look to any TV drama past or present and it seems there’s always one scapegoat character who ends up with the wrong deck of cards for life. Sometimes it’s the main character if you go by past starring leads in celebrated dramas like Mad Men.

Writing teams usually have enough empathy to give them something positive so they finally have happy endings or beginnings. It seems Caterina Scorsone’s Amelia is one of those character archetypes who might finally find happiness before Grey’s ever ends its run.

Then again, it’s not that Amelia and Link have had it perfect. They even had a brief tiff they’ve since smoothed over. If there’s any criticism in how the writers have treated Amelia, we can’t suspect she’s going to have an easy time of it forever.

We say this especially if Grey’s goes on for another five years without allowing viewers to merely imagine her having a happy future like a TV version of Cinderella.