‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Love This Character the Most

Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for 16 seasons, and there have been plenty of characters to love — and some to hate. As of this season, there are only four original characters left: Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Richard Webber, and Miranda Bailey.

So, it’s probably no surprise that one of these characters is the most popular one with fans

The cast of Grey's Anatomy

A few fan favorites

You might think that Grey would be the winner since the show centers around her story. Or maybe Bailey, since she’s both funny and cracks down hard on the interns. There’s also reason to believe it could be a newer character like Jackson Avery, since he’s so easy on the eyes or a character that had to leave the show, like upstanding April Kepner.

Every character certainly has their pros and cons for being the most beloved character on the show, but there’s one who has perhaps come the furthest and captured everyone’s hearts. 

Alex Karev wins favorite character

You may have used to love to hate him, but now, you can’t help but love him. He’s come a long way from an unlikeable intern with a big chip on his shoulder. Karev, played by Justin Chambers, has been around since episode one. In the beginning, he was rough around the edges, definitely carrying some baggage around from his past, and treated people with a bluntness that wasn’t always welcomed.

While he started out as disrespectful, full of himself, and quick to anger, he slowly changed through the seasons. Now, fans love that his plotline has been one full of growth and that his character has developed into such a fantastic person.

Perhaps he’s so loved because he’s become Grey’s new person, just like Christina Yang was so loved before her departure in season 10. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to root for him.

What’s Alex Karev’s story?


Karev came from a tough family situation, with a mom with mental health issues and a dad that was an abusive drug addict.

His start as an intern was rough, and he often took it out on others as he battled his demons. He was easy to hate, but he was also the underdog, so fans also rooted for him.

He started to show his softer side and capacity for being a good guy with Izzie Stephens, an intern he had a crush on. He supported her through the loss of someone she loved and then opened up to her when he fell in love with a patient he couldn’t be with. In the end, they got married, and he supported her through a cancer battle.

When she left him, he was devastated, but this was a big turning point, and from that point on, he started to show even more potential to be a decent guy.

He ended up going into pediatrics and was great with kids, the little humans that gave him a place to put his love. He’s the reason Grey has Zola in her life, and he became Grey’s best friend.

He was there for Grey when her husband, Derek Shepherd, died, and she disappeared and had Ellis, and he remained by her side for many critical moments, like when she almost lost her license. He took a step backward when he beat DeLuca in season 13, surprising many fans. But, he ultimately has continued to grow as a person, doctor, and friend.

He is currently chief of Pacific Northwest, continuing to woo people with his own personal mix of charm and complicated past. He’s married to Jo Karev, who he has also been a staunch supporter of, proving once again that he’s a changed man.

With at least one more season coming after the end of season 16, there is still time to fall in love with Karev even more. He continues to surprise fans and endear himself to them. Stay tuned to Cheat Sheet to catch the latest updates on Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. Karev.