‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Roast Their Favorite Characters for Their Lack of Fire-Building Skills

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is full of surgeons and medical residents who are pretty good at their job. Although the surgeons sometimes let their personal lives affect their professional lives, they still manage to turn things around and work in favor of their patients.

Recently some Grey’s Anatomy fans recounted the show’s plane crash incident. The fans recalled how the doctors almost froze to death after their plane crashed in the middle of nowhere, and they didn’t make a fire. Most fans laughed at how the surgeons are excellent at their jobs but can’t make a simple fire to save their lives.

Cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' in a hospital
Grey’s Anatomy | Frank Ockenfels/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The premise of the show

Grey’s Anatomy centers on the medical residents and staff at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The ABC show follows the surgeons as they navigate life’s hardships, work, and professional relationships, and their own relationships outside the work environment.

Grey’s Anatomy is usually narrated at the beginning of the season by Meredith Grey as she gives viewers a glimpse of how the season will be like. Throughout the show, viewers have seen Meredith grown from being an intern at the Seattle Grace Hospital to being a surgeon at the same hospital now called Grey Sloan Memorial.

They’ve also walked with her as she dealt with her mother’s mistreatment and eventual death. Meredith’s life always seems somewhat tragic as most of the people around her usually end up leaving or dead.

Her best friend and ‘person’ Cristina Yang left the hospital to take an offer from her ex-fiancé Preston Burke to work in Switzerland. Meredith’s husband, Derek Shepherd, died after a car accident. She has since moved on and seems to be finding love with Andrew DeLuca.

The ‘Flight’ episode saw the doctors fighting for their lives

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Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Mark Sloan, and Arizona got into a near-death experience after their plane crashed in the woods. Meredith got lucky and was generally unwounded, unlike her colleagues, who had serious injuries. The pilot, for instance, had a spine injury, and Cristina dislocated her arm.

Arizona had a fracture, while Sloan had several internal injuries. Derek got sucked out of the plane and woke up alone with a mangled hand. While the doctors had serious injuries, none was as in bad shape as Lexie. Lexie was crushed under the plane, and Meredith tried to get her colleagues to help her from under the plane.

Eventually, they realized she couldn’t be saved, and they hold her hand as she dies. Meredith gets devastated over Lexie’s death but goes to search for Derek and fixes his hand as best as she can. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, everyone is unaware of the accident and goes about their business. As the episode ends, Owen Hunt reads his messages and finds out the doctors never made it to Boise. 

Fans were amused by the surgeons’ inabilities to build a fire to keep warm

The surviving doctors all huddled up together to try and keep each other warm and comfort each other of Lexie’s death. As they struggled to keep awake, the last match went out, and they were left in the dark. Fans on Reddit recently recalled the episode, and there were mixed reactions to the whole scene.

Some fans particularly laughed at Cristina’s incessant question about her shoe. Others couldn’t help but point out that these were renowned surgeons who were extremely good at their jobs but couldn’t light a fire.

One fan said, “they literally cut people open and put them back together but couldn’t light a fire.” Another said that it always bothered them that the doctors couldn’t keep a fire going while surrounded by dry woods, and yet they had matches.