‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Share Their Hopes for Season 16

The newest season of Grey’s Anatomy is set to debut on September 26th, and fans are more than ready to catch up with their favorite doctors and residents of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Now that the season premiere is only days away, viewers are eagerly speculating what the latest episodes will hold for the characters, and what possible twists and turns their storylines will take.

Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss how they hope certain things will play out and whether or not certain characters will get what they deserve. Read on to recap what happened in season fifteen of Grey’s and what fans are hoping for in season sixteen. 

How did Season 15 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ end?

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has been entertaining viewers all over the world. The long-running medical drama has earned a reputation for diverse casting, deeply emotional storylines, and endearing characters. Still, season fifteen of Grey’s was responsible for some serious fan division, especially in terms of the romantic storylines. 

Season 15 saw Meredith Grey continuing to explore her romance with Andrew DeLuca, her much-younger coworkers. Many fans didn’t really get on board with their relationship and for various reasons wanted the storyline to end — still, in the finale, DeLuca took the fall for insurance fraud that she committed (though for noble reasons). Jackson Avery and his girlfriend Maggie also ended the season on another contentious note, although still ostensibly together. 

Fans want Meredith Grey to take responsibility

The teasers for the upcoming season have focused primarily on Grey visiting DeLuca in prison, where he was sent after claiming that he was the one who committed the insurance fraud. With Grey vowing that she will get her boyfriend out of jail, many fans have started to speculate on what exactly that could mean for her character. The recent Reddit thread was full of fans who stated that they want Grey to take some “responsibility for her actions” and fess up to committing the crime. 

While there is still doubt as to whether Grey will actually spend time in prison for the crime or just get off with a smack on the wrist, it definitely seems as though some fans want her to serve time. It would definitely make the show more realistic – and Grey’s has been criticized for not being realistic enough in the past. 

Jackson Avery deserves an equal partner

Jackson Avery has been through a lot of difficult relationships on Grey’s Anatomy – most notably being his long-standing romance with April Kepner. His relationship with Maggie has not been an easy one for fans to relate to, and in the Reddit thread, several pointed out that their wish list for season sixteen would include Avery breaking up with Maggie for good and finding someone who is a better partner.

While some fans went to extremes, stating that they hope one or both of them die, others said that there’s another way to create a compelling storyline for Avery. 

Fans want some nostalgia in Season 16

There’s no doubt that Grey’s Anatomy fans love seeing familiar characters returning from previous seasons. There has been a lot of buzz about a possible return from one of the show’s former characters. While some fans have pegged Sandra Oh as being the actor most likely to return for season sixteen, it could also be an interesting twist if April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew, makes a grand return to the show. 

A few of the fans on the Reddit thread stated that this plot twist could make a great storyline for Avery that would mesh much better with his character development in the series thus far.

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