‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Still Think This Is the Most Boring Romance of All Time

In the nearly 15 years that Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air, the show has seen its share of couples come and go.

Fans thought some couples were an odd match, such as step-siblings Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce. Other couples on the show were loathed by fans, such as the pairing of the ever sleazy Mark Sloan and his best friend’s wife, Addison Shepherd. Love them or hate them, however, the show’s couplings have been undoubtedly interesting. That is, until now.

Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy

The courtship of Levi and Nico

In season 15 we began to see a confident and jock-type orthopedic surgery fellow, Nico Kim (Alex Landi), pursue the bumbling and nerdy surgical resident Levi Schmidt (Jake Borelli). The romance has a lot of potential, and fans are here for it, even giving the coupling it’s own name, Schmico. Who doesn’t love to see a jock and a nerd falling in love?

The couple was off to a rocky start as we soon learn that Levi has never been with a man, and Nico refuses to be the “sherpa” guiding him through the process. Levi’s heartfelt confession to Nico after the two end up in an ambulance during a storm changes all that, and is, by far, one of the couple’s more interesting moments together.

As their relationship progresses we see Levi begin to change and come alive, even saying of the effects of finally being with a man, “It’s the most me I’ve ever felt in my whole life.” Nico, on the other hand, stays pretty stagnant and at times even seems set on continually sabotaging the budding romance.

The most boring relationship in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ history?

Despite a few touching scenes, many fans think the characters are not developed enough to make the romance interesting. Though the character of Levi is endearing, it relies too heavily on nerdy tropes, without which he may fall completely flat.

When it comes to characters shortcomings, however,  Nico brings the term undeveloped to a whole new level. His character has almost no moments of his own to flesh him out, aside from when he’s shown using his Korean skills to translate for a patient. Nico isn’t given a lot of screen time and mostly functions as a device in Levi’s storyline, who is already just a supporting character.

The frustration with Nico extends past his limited development, however, and right on to what he does with the little time he’s given, which is not a lot. One Reddit user went as far as to say, “Nico is basically a walking cardboard cutout at this point,” while a Twitter user wrote, “nico on grey’s is so boring and annoying and has zero emotion when he talks bring back callie and arizona for the beautiful gay love story nico and levi are so meh.”

Indeed, though Levi certainly has more personality than Nico, fans want a lot more out of the show’s first gay male couple.

Do some fans feel differently?

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Not every fan is on the “Schmico is boring” train. Many are excited to finally be represented on a show that has otherwise provided very little representation for the gay community. Others find the simplicity of the relationship refreshing.

One fan tweeted, “nico and levi are the best relationship grey’s anatomy have had for so long.”

What’s going to happen for Schmico in the future? Well, we haven’t seen the last of them yet, and there are bound to be some dramatic events. Jake Borelli told ET in a recent interview, “Grey’s isn’t known for completely smooth-sailing relationships. We also need to remember these are two young people and this is Levi’s first relationship with anybody. We can certainly expect some bumps.”