‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Are Jo And Alex Headed For Divorce?

At least half the fun of Grey’s Anatomy is the ships. After all, this is a show that started with a hookup that turned into one of the greatest TV romances. And there has always been a lot of sexual tension in the hospital, from back when it was Seattle Grace to now at Grey Sloan Memorial. But when a favorite couple is threatened, it’s hard not to wonder if they’re headed for a breakup.

Alex and Jo Karev on Grey's Anatomy
Alex and Jo Karev on Grey’s Anatomy | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Alex Karev’s romantic history

As one of just four original characters still on the show, Alex Karev has, understandably, had his fair share of trysts and significant others. Initially, he was the bad boy of the show and slept with a few side characters, including Nurse Olivia, and is partially responsible for a syphilis outbreak. He also has a fling with Derek Shepherd’s ex-wife, Addison Montgomery, at one point.

But Alex also has a number of real relationships. There’s Izzie Stevens, who he gets together with early on, but later cheats on. They get back together and get married, but she leaves him and files for divorce. He also dates Meredith Grey’s sister, Lexie, for a time, as well as an OB/GYN, Lucy Fields.

His relationship with Jo Wilson

While plenty of viewers shipped Alex and Izzie or Alex and Lexie at one point in time, we can all agree that his healthiest relationship by far has been with Jo. They met when she was an intern, and slowly, bits of her difficult past came to light. However, this is something they had in common, and they bonded over their relatively similar experiences growing up.

Of course, because this is Grey’s, they were rarely without some conflict. Things reached a dangerous peak when Jo refused Alex’s proposal, and, due to a misunderstanding, assaults another doctor, Andrew DeLuca. It seemed as though following the death of her abusive ex-husband, Paul, things were finally going well for them, as they got married and Jo changed her last name to Karev.

A Season 15 episode revealed dark secrets about Jo’s past

Until recently, we knew that Jo was abandoned at a fire station and grew up in the foster care system, eventually living alone in her car and working tirelessly to pay for medical school. We know that she changed her name in order to escape Paul, and that, generally speaking, she avoided all things that had to do with her past. At least, until now.

Thinking about her future with Alex, Jo decides to track down her birth mother with the help of tech-savvy intern Casey. But when they meet, she doesn’t get the story she expects. Her mother became pregnant after she was raped, and gave her up because she didn’t think she could cope with raising her. What’s more, her birth father died in a car accident.

Is this going to end Jolex forever?

We’ve seen Jo and Alex go through a lot, but now that they’re married, we hope they going to keep trying to work through things. After Jo’s discovery, she returned home and began to drink heavily, sleep a lot, and completely avoid speaking to Alex. He has tried to get her to open up, even bringing in her old friend, Link, to try and get the truth out of her about what happened, but she’s been silent.

In Season 15 Episode 22 “Head Over High Heels,” Jo shows up to work still drunk from the night before. Alex finally calls her out, saying he won’t let her keep this secret from him any longer. But Jo doesn’t take this well, and the episode ends with the two of them threatening one another. Things don’t look good for Jolex right now — will they be able to patch things up before Season 15 ends in May, or are they headed for divorce?

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