‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14: Will Meredith Find a New Love Interest?

It’s almost fall, and that means primetime TV is back in season. For all of you Shondaland fans out there, ABC’s TGIT lineup will be swinging back into action in late September, and we’re excited to be reunited with our old favorites — especially those we’ve known the longest, on Grey’s Anatomy.

Season 13 ended with a few major reveals, and it looks like Season 14 will pick back up right where we left off. Here’s a refresher of where we last saw the Grey-Sloan Memorial crew in May and what we’re hoping to see in the coming months.

Will Meredith and Riggs make it work?

Meredith and Riggs in a patient's room working together on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Riggs working together on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

After Derek’s tragic death, it took Meredith Grey a long time to find someone to care about. But she and Dr. Nathan Riggs, a new cardiothoracic surgeon in Season 12, soon connected over their deceased significant others, and sparks flew.

Though she tried to keep things platonic, Meredith eventually gave in to her feelings for Nathan. Just as she did, they faced a new obstacle. It turns out that Megan, his girlfriend (and Owen Hunt’s sister) is alive, and Meredith encouraged him to go see her — after all, she would have done the same if it was Derek.

So what can we expect from Season 14? Likely, there will still be tension between Riggs and Meredith, but she’ll insist that he try to work things out with Megan (despite the fact that she had just learned he had cheated on her before she disappeared).

As for a new love interest for Meredith? Not one to fall in love easily, chances are she’ll return to calling herself a widow every chance she gets and insist that she focus on her kids and career rather than take another swing at romance anytime soon.

Are Arizona and Eliza over?

Arizona and Eliza talking in an elevator on Grey's Anatomy

Arizona and Eliza on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

After the dissolution of Calzona and Sara Ramirez’s departure from the show, Arizona Robbins managed to strike up an unlikely romance with Dr. Eliza Minnick, a consultant brought in by Miranda Bailey to help improve the teaching hospital’s residency program. The pair only got together at the end of Season 13, but it seems things are already over for them.

In the finale, Bailey fired Dr. Minnick, and it didn’t look good for the new couple. The network confirmed last month that the character’s portrayer, Marika Dominczyk, will not be returning in Season 14, almost definitely meaning another failed relationship for Arizona.

Teddy’s back!

Teddy using a stethoscope and leaning over a patient

Dr. Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

While other characters leave, one former cast member is returning for an undetermined stay. Dr. Teddy Altman, another cardio doctor with a background on the battlefield, is the one responsible for identifying Megan Hunt and will be appearing in a guest arc, presumably during the time that we see Megan in the facility she has recently been transferred to.

When we last saw Teddy way back in Season 8, she had recently suffered the loss of her husband, Henry, a patient whom she had married so he could use her health benefits, but then fell for. Owen fired her as head of cardio so that she would leave to take a job at Medcom, her dream job working for the military again. (It’s presumed that she still works at this job, which is how she so neatly ties into the Megan storyline.)

The Alex-Jo-DeLuca love triangle

Alex proposing to Jo on Grey's Anatomy

Alex proposing to Jo on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Season 12 ended with Alex Karev discovering his girlfriend, Jo Wilson, being put to bed by intern Andrew DeLuca, a situation he misunderstood and turned into a violent attack on DeLuca. Alex and Jo spend Season 13 apart during his legal proceedings, and Jo begins to confide in DeLuca more, bringing the two closer.

At the end of Season 13, DeLuca starts to tell Jo that he has feelings for her, but she doesn’t allow him to elaborate, shutting him down. This is understandable — she still doesn’t have closure with Alex, and with the latter’s recent visit to see her abusive ex-husband, something tells us the drama isn’t over between the two formerly engaged doctors.

But if Jo does decide she’s done with Alex, DeLuca may still be waiting on the sidelines. As his portrayer, Giacomo Gianniotti, told Hollywood Life, “Maybe she does have feelings for DeLuca, but she is not in a place where she can say OK, I am ready to like give my everything to someone again … So I don’t think her response is that she doesn’t feel that way about him, it’s more like I can’t do that right now!”

A new pairing

Jackson and Maggie talking on a porch swing on Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Maggie talking on a porch swing on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Since her mother’s death from cancer in Season 13, Maggie Pierce began spending more time confiding in recently divorced plastic surgeon Jackson Avery. But apparently, it may be more than just friendship between the two.

In the Season 13 finale, April, Jackson’s ex-wife, spoke to Maggie and gave her permission to go out with Jackson. Maggie was confused, claiming that the two were just friends, but it appears that April picked up on something more. We’ll see whether or not this pairing is explored more in Season 14.

Owen and Amelia are ready to reconcile

Amelia and Owen sitting on a bed together on Grey's Anatomy

Amelia and Owen share a moment on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Though they were only married at the end of Season 12, the last year saw the collapse of the relationship between Amelia Shepherd and Owen. When Amelia was forced to confront her past trauma of losing her infant son (who was born without a brain), she pulled away from her new husband, and the two spent most of the season apart.

But a silver lining shone through amidst the chaos of the Season 13 wrap-up. Owen needed someone by his side to help him as he learned that Megan was alive, and Amelia stepped up and helped him through it, even facilitating her transfer back to the U.S. Hopefully, when they finally get around to addressing their marital problems once more, they can begin to work through things.

The Season 14 premiere

Now that we’re all caught up, here’s what we know about the premiere. First of all, it will be a double episode, so get ready for two full hours of Grey’s Anatomy drama.

The first hour is called “Break Down the House,” and it’s directed by none other than Debbie Allen, who plays Catherine Avery on the show. But she’s not the only actor headed behind the camera: Kevin McKidd (Owen) will be directing the second hour, titled “Get Off on the Pain.”

Additionally, Chandra Wilson, none other than Dr. Miranda Bailey herself, will be directing the third episode, “Go Big or Go Home.” And creator Shonda Rhimes also recently shared on Instagram that another episode directed by Allen will be called “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” as taken from the Hamilton song.

The two-hour Season 14 premiere airs Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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