‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15: Will Teddy Altman Stay on the Show?

Teddy using a stethoscope and leaning over a patient
Dr. Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

For 15 seasons, we’ve seen a lot of characters come and go from Grey’s Anatomy. The deaths of regulars like George, Derek, and Lexie have rattled us, while the more amicable departures of Cristina, Callie, and Arizona have been tough, but manageable. Sometimes, though, we’re lucky enough to have favorite characters leave and later return for large arcs. Right now, Teddy is back on the show, but who knows for how long.

Who Is Teddy Altman?

Teddy first appeared in Season 6 Episode 9 “New History.” Kim Raver was initially cast as a recurring character but became a series regular a few episodes later. Teddy is an old friend of Owen’s from the military, and she’s in love with him. However, he’s dating Cristina at the time, who she’s mentoring.

Teddy has a few romances throughout her two seasons on the show. Most notably, with her patient, Henry, who she marries so that he can be on her health insurance, but ultimately falls in love with. He eventually passes away due to his illness, and Teddy takes a military job in Germany, leaving the show at the end of Season 8.

What happened between Teddy and Owen?

Owen and Teddy on Grey's Anatomy
Owen and Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Teddy isn’t mentioned for years on the show. However, in Season 14, following a lot of back and forth between Owen and his now ex-wife, Amelia, he flies to Germany to confront Teddy, whom he’s long known was in love with him but he had never explored his feelings for her. They sleep together, but then she finds out he’s been sleeping with Amelia again and tells him to leave.

As it turns out, Teddy got pregnant from her one night with Owen. She flies to the U.S. to tell him, but can never find the right timing, as he plays house with Amelia, teenage addict Betty, and Betty’s son, Leo, who Owen is fostering. Eventually, the truth comes out, and it causes the recent drama as seen in the episode where they’re trapped in the elevator, “Shelter from the Storm.” Now things are weird again, even though Owen and Amelia are still dating (and living together).

How long will Teddy stay on Grey’s Anatomy?

When Teddy came back to talk to Owen in the Season 15 premiere, Kim Raver had been officially promoted to series regular once again. So it looks like she’s here for a while. Of course, cast members can drop off at any time, but most tend to last the season. And now that she and Owen have decided to raise their baby together, and he gave her his job as head of trauma, it looks like Raver is sticking around.

A potential new romance

Plenty of fans think that Teddy and Owen are endgame. But for now, he’s with Amelia, and it looks like Teddy might have a new love interest of her own. The last couple of episodes have seen Teddy interacting (sort of) flirtatiously with Tom Koracick, a neurosurgeon who has been around lately preparing for Katherine Fox’s surgery. It looks like maybe the writers will find a reason for him to stay at Grey Sloan Memorial a little longer — at least until he and Teddy explore things further.

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