‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Season 16 Is Ending Four Episodes Early. How It’s Wrapping Up

The last few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have been getting pretty intense. After a relatively peaceful season (besides Alex Karev randomly leaving), the storylines were finally picking up, but it looks like all of that may be coming to a halt. Weeks ago, Grey’s Anatomy announced that they would be stopping production amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Unfortunately, the show had yet to film the final four episodes of the season before going on hiatus. So, what does that mean for season 16? How will the storylines wrap up?

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy | Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

What has happened so far?

In the episodes leading up to this point, a lot had happened. Alex Karev left his wife Jo to be with his former flame, Izzie Stephens, Teddy Altman was in the middle of an affair with Tom Koracik after having a baby with Owen Hunt, Maggie Pierce had just met a new love connection, and Richard Webber was on the brink of a breakdown. So, how could all of those storylines wrap up in two weeks when the season ends on April 9th?

What’s happening in the final few episodes?

Kim Raver, who plays Teddy, just shed some light on how the show is coping with having to end early.

“I think the most important thing is we want to make sure we are flattening the curve and making sure everyone is safe, so we have to end with this episode, because it’s the one that we finished with,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “But the writers are so good that [episode 21] is gonna totally work as a finale, and it’s quintessential Grey’s. You will be laughing and crying simultaneously.”

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And though it’s a bit of an abrupt ending, fans will apparently get some of the answers they have been waiting for.

“You will definitely get some answers and you will definitely get some new questions,” she continued. “It’s kind of going to work out perfect. I mean, I’m sad that we only have two more shows… but it just means we will have more next season.”

The season will not wrap up in a nice neat bow, not that any of the past seasons ever have.

“I don’t think it’s gonna wrap up neatly,” she said. “There are some crazy things coming up in the next two episodes. Krista and I are talking about it, that we do walk Teddy into and understand why she’s doing what she’s doing, and then also, through the messiness, get her to that better place. I think what’s really cool also is that we’re not just gonna wrap it up in a neat little bow, because that’s not life. I think it’s gonna take some messiness before she gets some clarity.” 

What does this mean for season 17?

Grey’s Anatomy has already been renewed for season 17 but as this season is ending so abruptly, season 17 will have to pick up at a different place than originally intended.

“Maybe they will rework the scenes that they have and include that… I think we have some amazing stuff in the can,” she continued. “I think they will use some of those great scenes that we shot, but I also equally think that maybe they’re thinking this is an opportunity to see how things played out and where they want to raise higher stakes and what they want to include. It’s an opportunity to kind of rework the canvas.”