‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Season 16, Episode 5 Recap of ‘Breathe Again’ Which Ended on a Shocking Cliffhanger

Season 16, Episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy ended with some shocking revelations at the very end. We found out that Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is pregnant in addition to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). We also saw Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) neglect her community service. Will she face repercussions this week? Read on to find out everything that happened in season 16, episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy Cast
Grey’s Anatomy Cast | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Zola goes in for brain surgery while Maggie and Amelia try to distract Meredith

The episode begins with Meredith performing surgery, asking for a scalpel. Instead of a scalpel, they pass her a garbage picker, and we realize she is dreaming. Her subconscious is merging her two jobs together. When she wakes up, Zola is in her bed with a headache.

Zola gets worse, and Meredith takes her in for a CT scan because she has a shunt. It turns out she has a common complication of a shunt, which happens when kids grow. Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) performs the shunt revision.

Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was the original doctor who put in Zola’s shunt. He did a great job, and it just needs a revision. Fans reminisced on Reddit over just the mention of his name.

Meredith is preparing for the worst, so Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Amelia try to distract her. She is worried about Zola because so many other people in her life have died. She is afraid that she is destined to lose everyone she loves.

Maggie, Meredith, and Amelia have a sisterly heart-to-heart

Each sister blurts out what is really bothering them.

Maggie just finished a quadruple heart by-pass and felt such a rush. She felt better during that surgery than she ever did dating Jackson. She tells them, “I think surgery might be my truest love.”

Meredith says that Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) is sexy, fun, and kind to the kids. She doesn’t know if he will ever be more than that. She loves him, but they are at two different places in their lives.

Amelia doesn’t know very much about Linc (Chris Carmack) at all, and now she is having a baby with him. The other two tell Amelia that that is her personality, she leaps into things, often. “If I fall, I learn,” she decides.

Zola is out of surgery and fine. She makes a full recovery. However, Meredith missed her court hearing and is now heading to jail to make up her missed hours.

Richard gets hit on by an old friend, Jemma

Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is forced to go to breakfast with an old friend, Jemma (Jasmine Guy). She asks about his relationship with Catherine and how it works when she is gone so often. Richard says, “The light has gone out, and I don’t know how to get it back.” They are struggling, but he vows they will work it out.

Jemma says, “The only thing better than one man to love you is a rotation.” She rubs his arm and then asks why he pulls away. She tells him that she has no intention of coming between him and his wife, but they should act on their feelings.

Richard does not understand where she is coming from. He insists he has never done anything to show her that they are anything more than friends. She responds, “When hard times hit, you bury yourself in a bottle of vodka or another woman.”

She kisses him, and he pulls away. He is angry with her and says, “Just because you know my history, doesn’t mean you can use it against me because you are lonely.” He storms off.

Catherine (Debbie Allen) is home, and things feel strange. She is distant and tells Richard he looks tired and should go back to sleep. Meanwhile, Richard gets a text from Gemma. Will he pursue Gemma in next week’s episode since he’s getting the cold shoulder from his wife?

Bailey and Jo work through mental health struggles in a shockingly healthy way

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) lock themselves in the hyperbaric chamber with a patient who may have tried to take her own life. She has carbon monoxide poisoning and might die. It turns out that the patient is one of Jo’s previous therapists, Carly.

Next, we see a flashback to Jo, in a therapy session, with Carly. She tells her therapist that she feels worthless. Jo talks about the trauma in her life—growing up being tossed from one foster home to another and then her abusive husband. One specific memory bothers her the most—she is in a diner, reaches her hand out to touch her mom, and her mother pulls away. This memory always plays in Jo’s head, making her feel unworthy of love.

Back in the present, Jo has a panic attack in the chamber because the one person who helped her get sane just tried to commit suicide. It throws everything out of whack for her. She doesn’t calm down until Bailey gives her a distraction by telling her about her pregnancy.

In another flashback, Jo is trying to run away from the rehabilitation center. Her therapist catches her. “You are stuck. You can’t see past the one moment that is defining your entire life.” Carly encourages her to move past the fear and shame.

Back in the hyperbaric chamber, Bailey freaks out about being pregnant. She’s terrified. Jo helps her calm down from a panic attack using skills she learned in rehab.

Jo reminisces on a coping strategy and saves her therapist’s life

Just then, Carly starts coding. Jo remembers that Carly never shared her almonds and hypothesizes that she may have diabetes.

In yet another flashback, Jo is screaming that she hates everything. Carly tells her its a breakthrough. Jo is afraid she will turn into her abusive husband if she lets herself feel her anger. Carly shows her how to handle her anger by throwing balls against a wall as a constructive way to let it all out. Jo slowly starts throwing the balls harder and harder until she feels better.

Back in the hospital, Bailey praises Jo for pulling both herself and Bailey out of a panic attack. Carly wakes up, and Jo finds out that her therapist did not try to take her own life. Jo is flooded with relief.

When she heads home, Jo shows Alex how to feel their anger by throwing balls against their apartment wall.

The episode ends on a high note for Bailey when she finally tells her husband that she is pregnant. He’s ecstatic. Too bad Meredith will begin next week’s episode from a jail cell!