‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16: Jackson and Maggie Might Be Breaking Up For Good

Grey’s Anatomy premiered on March 27, 2005, on ABC. It has attracted many fans in its last 15 seasons. Good news is that the network has renewed the show for Seasons 16 and 17. Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 kicks off on Sept. 26, 2019.

The show has developed many iconic couples – fans are never going to stop loving Derek and Meredith or Alex and Jo. But then, there some couples that we aren’t sure about.

We have Owen and Teddy going head over heels for each other and MerLuca on the rise, then there’s a couple that’s always on the edge since Grey’s Anatomy inception: Jackson and Maggie.

Where did Jackson go?

Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams on Grey’s Anatomy | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In the last season, when Jackson and Maggie were coming home from a disastrous camping trip, they got sidelined by the Seattle fog. Jackson left the car to check the fog and shortly after Maggie went after him, but she couldn’t find him.

Many fans are asking what happened to Jackson. Was he involved in an accident? Did he walk to the point of getting lost? Will their relationship last by the time the show returns to the air?

Many viewers hope that this is a sign of Jackson and Maggie’s breakup. They know what a happily-ever-after story look like when they see one, and this couple hasn’t exactly lived up to such a story.

At the onset, Maggie and Jackson’s relationship looked unshakable. Compared to the case of Jo moving away from Alex after finding her mother and Meredith dating her resident, this pair looked like a solid rock.

They supported each other right through Richard’s sobriety struggle and Catherine’s cancer diagnosis. There were short episodes of misunderstandings along the way through. Like when Jackson accidentally proposed and then went missing in action for days.

However, until the end of season 15 finale, their relationship looked fine and they even planning to move in together.

Heated conversation

Their plan to move in together notwithstanding, there are strong indications that a downfall is in the offing. Jackson and Maggie’s relationship navigated turbulent waters on Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy, and the season’s finale hinted that theirs is a relationship that’s headed to the rocks. There was tension between them that was beginning to boil.

When the couple went camping, their trip stirred up negative feelings instead of strengthening the bond between them. Their conservation heated up as time went by, and by the time they finally made their way into the car, they were both emotionally and physically scratched up.

Jackson told Maggie in a patronizing tone that she should expand her interests. She had given up on her formative years to school work. With indifference, Maggie told Jackson that he never had to worry about the consequences because of his priorities.

While we expect opposites to attract, mutual exclusiveness is bound to tear these two apart. Just the way Maggie said, they might not like one another at all even though they may love each other.

A relationship rooted in trauma

It is evident that the romance between Maggie and Jackson only thrives when something is not right. A case at hand is when Maggie’s mother passed away and Jackson helped her. And again, things looked to work between them after Catherine’s cancer diagnosis and also when April almost died.

These two are supportive of each other only in times of trouble, but a relationship that only thrives in traumatic situations is bound to fail.

Jackson and Maggie navigated turbulent waters in their relationship in the last seasons, and the Season 15 finale hinted a possibility of even bigger obstacles heading their way.

Unless one of them leaves Grey Sloan or dies, the couple will have real issues to sort out in Season 16.