‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Return: The Most Outrageous Things Fans Are Hoping For, Plus Who They Want to Kill Off

Our beloved medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, is on a very long mid-season break, and fans are restless. Let’s take a look at the top favorite scenarios viewers would like to see when Grey’s Anatomy returns for season 16 on Jan. 23, 2020. They are outrageous, and not one of them involves someone else accidentally getting pregnant

Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo
Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo | Tony Rivetti/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Bring Dr. House on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as a patient

“Let’s make a whole list of plot lines we think are more interesting than women in their 30s and 40s getting accidentally pregnant,” asked the original poster on Reddit. 

The following was a list of over 150 comments of what fans want to see on the show. The central theme of the responses is that fans want more interesting medical cases. There is so much devastation and tragedy on the show lately that viewers are calling for a new twist.

“I want more crazy medical stuff,” wrote one fan in response to the question. “Challenge the doctors—give us a patient that is hard to diagnose (like in House),” 

Redditors upvoted that one fan’s comment 169 times. Many fans would like to see more medicine like what was in the medical drama, House

“Omg, yes,” responded another fan. “I think [Dr. House] would make a great addition to the show.”

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) starred in the fictional medical drama, House, broadcast on Fox for eight seasons. He tackled difficult medical problems in a Sherlock Holmes type of way while playing mind games with his friends and colleagues.

“Hell, yes,” added yet another Redditor. I love House, and I’m sick of Grey’s being so melodramatic; we used to have interesting characters and actual problems. Dr. House would make things darker and more medicine-centric.”

Fans are hoping for a measles outbreak that could tackle the anti-vaxxers movement

Sticking with the theme of wanting to see more medicine, fans call for a storyline surrounding an outbreak of measles.

“A measles outbreak caused by the anti-vaxxers movement,” wrote one fan on Reddit regarding what they want to see for the back half of season 16.

The first six months of 2019 produced more measles cases than any other year since 2006, according to the World Health Organization. In the wake of this problem, it would be timely to see an episode surrounding an outbreak of measles.

“The way I would do this storyline would be having an immunocompromised kid of one of the lead characters die from measles complications after getting infected by an unvaccinated kid of anti-vaxxer,” added another Redditor. “I think this could be fun.”

I’m not sure that even Grey’s Anatomy could be that dark. They do not often show children dying on the show. However, it is plausible that one of the main character’s children could contract measles. 

Fans are begging to see Owen have testicular cancer

The last outrageous thing fans are asking for is the death of Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Many viewers are still upset with Owen’s attempt to dissuade Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) from having an abortion. He eventually went with her for support, but then he threw it in her face on another episode.

“You killed our baby; you don’t ever forget that,” he yelled at Cristina during season 8, episode 12.

Many fans dislike Owen for the way he acted towards Cristina regarding the abortion. Others are upset that he might be the father of Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) baby. 

“Give Owen testicular cancer and have Catherine do the surgery with Richard,” wrote one fan after others commented that the writers should kill off Owen.

Among the many, “Kill Owen,” comments in the thread, fans came up with the idea to have him die from testicular cancer. They believe his character has not done anything worthwhile in the show for many seasons. 

To find out if any of these fan theories might be true, watch Grey’s Anatomy when it returns to ABC on Jan. 23, 2020.