‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Some Fans Think Meredith Doesn’t Need a Man to Be Happy

If there’s been one constant in the 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s that Meredith Grey has relationship drama. Even her marriage with Derek was not without difficulty. Since his death, it’s been one heartache after another for her.

Fans of the show are starting to wonder if love is in the cards for her. Maybe Meredith would be happier on her own? 

Was Derek her perfect man?

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

Everyone knows about Meredith’s true love, Derek. People romanticize their relationship so much that it seems they don’t want her to be happy with anyone else. While they did have a lot of good times (and makeout sessions in the elevator), and they built a life together with three children, even their relationship had its rough patches

They met during the very first episode of the series, and right away they ended up in bed. Of course, it turned out that he was married. That pretty much set the stage for their relationship. He left her, then he left his wife and went back to her, then they broke up…eventually, they got married.

They seemed pretty happy together and had three kids, but problems dogged them. He started a job in DC, which added stress to their lives. And then he died in a car crash. 

It’s easy to think of Derek as Meredith’s one and only love, but were things actually that great? They broke up and got back together five times through the years, and Derek had just kissed one of his coworkers in DC before he died, so breakup number six might have been on its way. Meredith has a demanding job, and all that upheaval in the home must have been exhausting.

Things didn’t get better after Derek

Meredith has dated on and off since becoming a widow, but none of the relationships has worked. None of the men has worked out for one reason or another, such as because she’s not ready to love again, or because his fiancee turned out to be alive after all, or because he made a snide remark on their first date about needy single mothers.

Recently she was caught in a love triangle, not sure if she wanted to be with Link or DeLuca. Eventually, she chose DeLuca, but fans aren’t sure about the pairing. Regardless, it’s unlikely that her romantic life will now be smooth sailing – especially since it seems that she’s on her way to prison for insurance fraud. 

Meredith might be happier on her own

When you look at Meredith’s life, it hardly seems like she has time for a relationship. Her job is extremely demanding and although it’s stressful it’s also rewarding. Her work as a doctor appears to be her life’s purpose, so why would she need a distraction? Especially since she’s particularly susceptible to falling in love with fellow doctors. 


Even more importantly, Meredith already has love in her life. She’s a single mom of three young children. The actress who plays Meredith, Ellen Pompeo, has talked about how life-changing it was to become a mom. The character she plays surely feels that too. She’s devoted to her kids, and every parent knows how fast they grow up. Drama-filled relationships can’t be anywhere near as important as her family.

With all of that going on, why can’t she just take a breather from the emotional highs and lows of love? She’s obviously vulnerable to desire, which she describes as a brain process that starts deep in the brain, “in an area called the insula.” Why should this brain structure, “about the size of a pea,” rule her life?

She has much better things to focus on. The writers should give her a break from love and let her shine.