The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Station 19’ Premiere Promo Has Fans Freaking Out Over One Original Character

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 and Station 19 Season 4 are coming soon, and the latest promo trailer tells us the two Shondaland shows aren’t playing games. Both season premieres will take part in a massive crossover event. So expect the extraordinary. But prepare for the worst, as the new preview has fans worried about one original Grey’s Anatomy character.

When will the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Station 19’ crossover premiere air in 2020?

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Mark your calendars, Shondaland fans. The next Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover event will air on Thursday, Nov. 12, on ABC. The special premiere will start at 8 p.m. ET and end at 11 p.m. ET.

That said, expect the Thursday night lineup to return to normal the following week. On Nov. 19, Station 19 Season 4 will start at 8 p.m. ET. Then Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 will follow in its usual 9 p.m. ET time slot. Finally, A Million Little Things will come back with its season 3 premiere at 10 p.m. ET. 

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Station 19’ crossover premiere promo trailer

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On Oct. 2, ABC dropped its latest trailer to promote the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 premiere. The promo included new and old clips from both shows. Viewers got a glimpse of Shondaland amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But the previously shot footage set the tone, as the preview featured a number of emotional clips, including the tense Station 19 series premiere to Grey’s Anatomy’s gutwrenching shooting and bomb episodes from seasons 6 and 2.

Meanwhile, Jaina Lee Ortiz (Andy Herrera on Station 19) and Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy) narrated the promo. 

“It’s a war zone, and we’re the ones on the front line. With all the lives in need, our world is ablaze,” Ortiz and Pompeo said. “What we’re up against now is unlike anything that came before. At times, it seems like there’s no end in sight. We won’t stop fighting, we won’t stop feeling. Because sometimes, we all need saving.”

As always, Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 fans wondered whether the preview hinted at a major character’s death. But many viewers speculated something might happen to Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) because she was spotted in a hospital bed with Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) by her side. 

“Please not bailey,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

“Bailey had better survive or else I’m going to kick off,” another fan wrote.

Will someone die in the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 and ‘Station 19’ Season 4 premiere?

Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey on 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16
Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Gilles Mingasson via Getty Images

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While the recent promo has Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 fans worried about Bailey, anyone is fair game and no one is safe. This is Shondaland, after all. So fans will just have to wait and see what happens. 

Nevertheless, Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 originally planned a “cataclysmic event” that could’ve killed off a major character, according to TVLine in April. The alleged storyline never happened because the pandemic shut down production, ending the season four episodes short.

That said, showrunner Krista Vernoff recently hinted the stories cut from Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 will not come up in the new season. 

“In even the best of times, a television writer’s primary job is to know how to pivot,” Vernoff told TVLine in September. “We are not working to protect stories we had [planned] for the end of Season 16.”

Even so, the showrunner noted some material that has already been shot will be “built” into the season premiere through the use of flashbacks, as the Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover will also take place after a time jump

For now, Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 fans must remain patient and wait for the Nov. 12 premiere. But hopefully, everyone will come out the other end in one piece.

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